Turner: Simplification the Answer?

I realize NFL expert Dan Pompei wrote a couple weeks back that it’s unfair to criticize Ron Turner, that he’s not the problem when the Bears can’t protect, run the ball or score inside the red zone.  And when a real media expert talks, we listen, right?

After Sunday’s game, when the Bears offense could only convert two touchdowns in seven trips inside the end zone, Turner mentioned that he may have to start paring down the playbook.

Seriously?  Simplifying the Bears offense will help solve the problem?  How about calling a single run play that isn’t straight up the middle behind a center and left guard that apparently can’t block?  Especially when your 5′ 7″ running back is the one with the ball.  To me, that would be a start.

Can’t wait to hear what everyone else thinks.

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  1. To me, the offense looks simple in the red zone. It’s either try running it or throwing to the TE. Between the 20 and the 20, they actually have been running lots of different types of plays. Either way, I think Turner is gone at the end of the year. If they don’t make the playoffs, he will be the scape goat so they don’t have to eat Lovie’s contract.

  2. Whatever the answer is, as long as it’s something different then it couldn’t hurt too much. If simplification is the way to go, then so be it. Hey I like how nobody is talking about Bears WR’s, that means they’re doing well.

  3. It’s awfully hard to be efficient in the red zone when you cannot run the ball. I think, if anything, we are TOO simple and therefore too predictable in the red zone. Simplification means paring down, and getting back to the basics, right? If you don’t have the personnel to outperform your opponent on simple, basic plays — and I don’t think we do (O-line) — then you need to be unpredictable and catch them off guard. You need to run something they are not expecting you to run. We just proved how inept we are on Sunday with our inability to score from the 2-yard line against THE BROWNS. Turner has to go at the end of the season. I like Lovie, but truth be told, I am ready for a change. I know it won’t happen, but I think we need coaching changes from top to bottom. We can at least get rid of Turner.

  4. Last time I checked Turner isn’t the one blocking, running, and throwing the ball. I think it is safe to say that the reason the Bears can’t score in the red zone is because they can’t run the ball!! When you can’t successfully run the ball, it doesn’t matter what play you call. All the defense has to do is put 6 or 7 guys in the box, and dare you to run. This doesn’t allow for any mismatches for your passing game. The real story behind this year is that we all thought that we were coming into this year with a vastly improved O-line, when in fact, it is a far inferior one. If you want to fire on someone, fire on the guy making the personal evaluations. Obviously Omeal(sp?) is nothing what we thought he was. Pace and Kruetz are washed up, and we’ve mortgaged our future for a guy that we can’t protect. So, who really should go?

  5. All I have to say is:


  6. I think you guys are right. We are too predictable in the red zone. I was impressed early in the season against a great defense (the steelers) when cutler threw a great slant route to Knox. spreading out the offense in the red zone doesn’t hurt either. And seriously how many times are you going to run “up the gut” before that gets all to predictable, especially with our weak OL play.

    It’s going to be interesting to see if the Bears step up through this tough stretch. I can easily see them losing three straight. Cardinals, 49ers, Eagles!!! then having to deal with the vikings twice. They better get their S*** together.

  7. Screen passes, passes to the tight end, runs right up the middle of a shitty offensive line, these are the only things we do in the redzone. I think the problem is that we don’t have a tall reciever for red zone situations. Greg Olsen has not shown what anyone has said that he is capable of. Don’t feed me the schemeing bullshit excuse. Tony Gonzalez gets schemed against, Dallas Clark and Jason Witten get schemed against, the difference between a potentially great player and a great player is production. Get it done!! Stop giving excuses. Play and produce.

  8. It’s all about winning the battle up front. The Bears O-line is mediocre at best. It is not as bad as the lines in KC, Green Bay, and DC – so all those fans who say it is the worst line in football have no idea what they are talking about. That said, I’m sure the inconsistent and ineffective play on the O-line is affecting play calling in the Red Zone. On 4th and goal from the 1 this past week I would have loved to have just had Forte run out of the I-formation up the gut. But the Bears don’t have confidence that they can get that yard. Against the Falcons, when Forte fumbled twice he was getting blown up in the backfield because of missed blocks up front. As an optimistic Bears fan, I am confident that they will get these things worked out and the Bears will be back in the playoffs.

  9. Rob – they don’t have confidence that they can get that yard because they CAN’T get that yard. We may not have the worst offensive line in the league, but in terms of run-blocking, it’s pretty close. I think the problem is two-fold: first off, it’s the personnel, they simply can’t get it done, and secondly, it’s the playcalling (Ron Turner) — too predictable in the red zone. It’s a very dangerous combination. And NOT dangerous in a good way. Dangerous in terms of the health of Cutler, Forte and Wolfe, as they are just getting decimated every single play.

  10. How many runs off tackle in a row does it take to get fired? Its like the tootsie roll commercial of old! Can we do something different before Forte gets killed?

  11. Turner needs to be fired. PERIOD. He only has a job in the NFL because of his brother Norv. And even Norv should be fired. Look at Millen. The guy was GM in Detroit, will never take credit for that 0-16 season, and he is now an announcer! And a horrible one at that. Yet the league keeps recirculating these jokers.

    There is no QB controversy in Chicago. Just a poor offensive coordinator. 40 years of QB controversies! Haven’t you had enough of this blame game? Remember Rex was runner up for the heisman. You only suck in the NFL as a QB when you come to Chicago!

    I have one other tip of coaching for Turner. Design your passing plays to include your QB passing the ball before the receiver gets to a point on the field where he should catch the ball. STOP DESIGNING PASSING PLAYS TO HAVE QB THROW THE BALL ONCE THE RECEIVER GETS TO A SPOT ON THE FIELD! That is a defender’s wet-dream for picks! Oh, and one more thing Hester is not a receiver. He does not know how to run routes and get open when the play breaks down. He isn’t bright enough for either!

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