Turner out, Marinelli Up

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Ron Turner has indeed been fired as the Bears Offensive Coordinator.  Turner held the post with the Bears under Dave Wannstedt from 1993-1996 and again from 2005-2009 under Lovie Smith.  In those nine years, the Bears made the playoffs three times.

The Tribune is also reporting that defensive line coach and Lovie Smith cronie Rod Marinelli will be promoted to defensive coordinator.  For a unit that was the true problem area of the 2007-2009 Chicago Bears, promoting a crony that will lead to zero change hardly seems exciting to me.

It’s also been reported that a former Marinelli assistant, Joe Cullen, was spotted at Halas Hall.  I will refrain from reminding you who Joe Cullen is.  Go read for yourself.

5 Responses to “Turner out, Marinelli Up”

  1. Well, driving while drunk … somehow seems very appropriate.

  2. Hopefully he can stop driving while drunk but Joe Cullen sounds like a helluva guy to hit the bar scene with! Just imagine, Cutler, Olsen, Vince Vaugn, and Joe Cullen. There’s a new Hangover sequel right there!

  3. To me just the same old cronyism.

  4. About Marinelli: Now on ESPN AM 1000 they’re saying that this may not be true. That they are bringing in an outside coach for defensive coordinator

  5. What a joke! Is Turner the scapegoat for this abysmal season? How about horrific offensive line play and an aging defense playing an outdated scheme? And now they’re gonna bring in this drunken a-hole to help coach the defense?

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