Tuesday Chicago Bears News

Brad Biggs discusses the Bears’ newly worsened injury situation.

Actually, according to Vaughn McClure, Brandon Llyod and Charles Tillman may not even make the trip to Detroit.

Brad Maynard was told to kick the ball out of bounds.  Instead he responded with a 58-yard boomer that sealed the win.

Thank God for us all, Ashton and Demi were there protecting us Sunday night.

3 Responses to “Tuesday Chicago Bears News”

  1. Indianapolis is number 17 in ESPN’s power rankings and we are 18. Didn’t we beat them? Don’t we have a better record? Didn’t there one win come by a miracle comeback against Minnesota in a game where they were getting it handed to them for three quarters? Unbelievable. We lost to two teams that are 3-1, both by a field goal and one in overtime. Suck the Colts d***, why don’t you?

  2. Come on Higgins, you know the Bear’s are the NFL’s whipping boys. And I don’t think I’d want it any other way.

  3. True. It was based totally on the averages of where writers picked them to be, and one picked the Colts at number 7. Number 7? Come on. Fox Sports puts us at 11. My new favorite sports site.

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