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Are you ready to purchase some false hope Bears fans?  Because I know Ted Phillips and Jerry Angelo will want to sell you some at 2 p.m. today.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the decision has been made to bring Lovie Smith back as Bears coach and “everything will be covered” by the organization in the press conference.

I’m sure “everything” includes statements like “we’re sure our fans can see that we have the right talent and coaching in place to win in  2010, based on our stirring victories over Minnesota and Detroit the final two weeks of the season.  It is crystal clear that our running game, offensive line, defensive line, linebackers and defensive backs are elite in the NFL, and since we’re completely satisfied with the talent and coaching staff, we expect the playoffs in 2010 without making any personnel or coaching changes.”

OK, little heavy on the sarcasm with the second statement, but despite his defense getting steamrolled as usual in the final two victories, Angelo is on record as saying he believes the talent the Bears possess is good enough to win.  That, my friends, is scary and shows Angelo is out of touch if he really believes what he’s saying.

It’s no surprise to me that Smith will be back.  And to clarify for readers that for some reason don’t understand what I have written, if I had my way I do wish the McCaskey family would get rid of everyone from Phillips to Angelo, the personnel staff, and Smith and the majority of his staff.  Then I wish they would hire Bill Cowher and the people he would put in place.  I know the reports out there that prove coaches that win a Super Bowl don’t do well their second time around.  But Cowher’s Steeler teams consistently stayed competitive for 15 years despite constantly losing talent.  That’s what I would like about him.

BUT, it’s clear this isn’t going to happen.  And the other part of my argument has been that if the Bears are not prepared to make a splash to hire the right new coach, then they might as well retain Smith & company of boobs rather than hiring the wrong current NFL coordinator/college coach on the cheap, whom we’d be stuck with for the next 4 years rather than one.  That’s my opinion and I stick by it.

Actually it does seem more likely now that the Bears will fire offensive coordinator Ron Turner, and may even force Smith to hire a defensive coordinator rather than call plays himself.  But anyone that thought Smith would hire a defensive coordinator that would do anything other than rubber stamp Smith’s failed scheme would be crazy.  So what does that change?

Another fun season coming fans.  Enjoy the dog and pony show today.

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  1. O.K., now that we have probably established that Lovie is coming back, what next?

  2. Rumor has it that Cowher is willing to sit another year…maybe we’ll get our wish in 2011?

  3. Okay. Now, focus everything on beefing up the offensive and defensive lines. Everything. Whatever scarce draft picks they might have, free agency–all of it on the lines. Yes, a true number 1 receiver would be nice, but without protection, what’s the point … and we saw in the final two weeks with some strong protection what Cutler can do even with the current receiving corps. And Hester, Olsen, Knox. will only improve, not to mention Aromashodu. Defensively, esp. with Lovie staying and likely continuing the current scheme, they need better pressure up front, and cannot depend on Tommie Harris becoming the “beast” he says he’ll become. (Not saying necessarily dump him though ….)

  4. Does this worry everyone?

    Jay Cutler is going to be ruined by the Chicago Bears.

    Now I wouldnt be posting here if I didnt hate Ron Turner. The problem is Lovie Smith is just as bad as a coach as Ron Turner.

    Jay Cutler will be on his third coordinator in 3 years. And in all likely hood Smith’s same old crap will continue and the Bears will suck again next season. Therefore the Bears decided to can the entire coaching staff and Jay Cutler will get another coordinator again.

    Now the best QBs have had pretty much the same coordinators year in and year out. Peyton Manning has had the same guy, Brees has had the same guy since coming to New Orleans, Phillip Rivers has had the same guy. I think only Tom Brady has gone through a couple of changes but the coaching regime there adapts to things.

    I dont know whats going to happen other than speculation put out there by the media.

    Based on what I’m hearing, Lovie’s friends will just be promoted to high places again. Mike Martz will become the OC, and Rod Marinelli will become the DC. Martz does not have the personnel to run his offense here and will fail like he did in San Francisco and Detroit. Marinelli has NO experience calling plays as a coordinator. He was awful as a head coach, and his expertise has always been the defensive line, which well did he do this season with that? So this all just sounds like more of the same.

    In all likelihood with us having to play the AFC East and NFC East next season will be a gutter trash season in which we finish anywhere from 5-11 to 8-8. That alone should get Lovie fired, but the damage will well be done.

  5. Besides the contract I think they’re keeping Lovie because of the threat of a lockout in 2011. If they sign a new coach they will lose the 2011 season and just have to start all over again in 2012 just like they would have to do in 2010 if they hired a new coach. This way they get one more year for Lovie to prove himself and I think they’ll come out today saying “missing the playoffs for a 3rd year in a row will be unacceptable.” So it’s time for Lovie to get the Bears into the playoffs or he’ll be gone. JEFF – AGREED, stack those lines and the rest will take care of itself however that’s easier said than done.
    SCOTT – I’d say the Bears have some personnel that Martz would be happy with, Forte could be a tall Marshall Faulk (can run and catch and block), Cutler is as good or better than Bulger in his heyday, and the Bears could have 2 good receivers on their hands in Knox and DA, Hester is a great #3 WR option, and if they can develop Iglesias into at least a posession slot receiver that would be icing on the cake…now if only they had an offensive line…

  6. Knox and DA are no Holt and Issac Bruce. Forte and Cutler are the best things on the roster, but can Cutler co-exist with Martz? If the offensive line isnt fixed..its all moot. The O-Line is the key to everything.

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