Trib on Bates, Fewell

On Sunday, Dan Pompei and Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune wrote convincing arguments for hiring Jeremy Bates and Perry Fewell as offensive and defensive coordinator, respectively.

Just as I was warming to the idea of Bates, it appears that he will be heading to Seattle with Pete Carroll. The report cites long-term job security as the reason. Now what did Jerry Angelo say about candidates not being concerned about the potential for Lovie Smith being one-and-done?

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  1. Haha yeah right Jerry. Everyone knows if Lovie doesn’t put up a good season next year, everyone’s gone!!!

  2. We need to face the reality that it makes no difference whatsoever who the new DC and OC are next year. On defense, let’s say it is Fewell though, with a 1-year deal. Fewell will take orders from Lovie, running Lovie’s defense that does not work, with players that can’t play. The result will be another losing season, then the lockout comes, season over, start new in 2012, and everyone (maybe by some miracle even Angelo) are all gone.

    On offense, Bates is off the table, but I wasn’t buying into the idea of bringing in one of Cutler’s buddies to make him feel comfortable anyway. I can’t believe I’m even allowing myself to think Martz would make a difference or be a logical choice, and he probably wouldn’t, but it seems like he’s gotten some public votes of confidence, despite what the more recent results in Detroit, etc. indicate. I just have this vision in my head of Martz coming here and making Cutler even more of a mess than he was this year, and then that will be 2 contract years wasted and then start over yet again.

    Really trying hard not to sound negative, but I just see the big picture mess they have and have zero confidence in the McClowns, Teddy and Angelo actually wanting to or truly fixing anything.

  3. Bates following Carroll is no surprise. This move will give him a much shorter path to his ultimate goal- head coach in the NFL. He made it no secret when he was here with the Broncos that that was his long term goal. Bears loss because despite the opinions of some, he was not Cutler’s buddy, but a very gifted offensive football mind who controlled Cutler very well. We all forget that in 2008 that the Broncos had the number two offense in the league. That was specifically because of the progress that Cutler made that season as a QB. Bates deserves a lot of credit for that. Like everyone, Bates also needed grooming, and Shanahan did that. But when McPunk came, Bates needed to start again. This move to the NFL is the best thing that ever happened to him. Good luck to him, but sad that the Bears situation with its inept organization and coaching staff were nothing to entice an outsider with. Damn, it is sure hard to be a Bears convert!

  4. It’s not over yet. Let’s say Seattle’s offense flourishes in 2010 and Lovie has another lame duck season. How about Bates as the new 2011/2012 Bears head coach?

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