Trib: Bears Seriously Looking at Ruskell

My coverage of the possibility that the Bears might hire Tim Ruskell as Jerry Angelo’s replacement at GM was mostly sarcastic, I admit. I didn’t really think the Bears could possibly hire the very most underwhelming, and scary given his record in Seattle, candidate.

But in today’s Tribune it is reported that “There is an internal movement to seriously consider Ruskell.”

I am speechless. OK, Angelo deserved to be fired if the goal was to upgrade the ability to acquire football talent. Tell me how this would achieve that goal?

More of the way the Bears have proven they will always do business.

3 Responses to “Trib: Bears Seriously Looking at Ruskell”

  1. This honestly doesn’t surprise me. Leave it to the Bears’ front office to pick the least capable to do one of the most important jobs on the team. This is would be like the drafting of Cade McNown all over again.

  2. Um, I would like to know who are these internal influences. I hate articles that don’t name names. But yes, if this does happen, it won’t be good, to put it lightly…

  3. oh crud….

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