Trade Devin Hester


Another story from the pages of sportswriters that write things simply for the reaction, not that they actually believe it’s something that would ever happen in a million years.

Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune is usually a little more level-headed than, say, everyone’s pal Jay Mariotti. But it’s all about readership, or page views these days, and if it’s something outlandish that will get someone to click on the page, that’s what it’s about.

So here’s a little more help for Dan, I guess. Yesterday Dan wrote that the Bears should trade Devin Hester. He says he thinks the Bears should ask for a first, two seconds, and a third-round draft pick in return, and if they don’t get it, then forget about it.

Moral of the story? Let’s all forget about it, because it’s not going to happen on so many levels. Teams don’t give up the meat of an entire draft for a kick returner, even if he is the best kick returner in history. I don’t think a team would give that up for Steve Smith, a guy who has led the league multiple times in receiving, so why Hester? Randy Moss set the NFL record for touchdowns scored in a season last year, and he was acquired for a 4th round pick.

Besides, Hester is a rare talent whose worth simply can not be quantified. How’d it work out in 1988 when the Bears basically traded Wilber Marshall and Willie Gault for Wendell Davis, Trace Armstrong and Donnell Woolford? Did you wish the Bears would have kept Gault and Marshall? Me too.

The team and the player have to reach a compromise between Hester’s demand of being paid as if not the, a, top receiver in the NFL, and the Bears’ insistence to make him the top special teams player in the league. And they will, because Hester has ZERO leverage at this point.

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  1. You’re obviously correct in saying that it’s all about selling papers and getting page hits in writing an article about trading Hester. All it does is keep the conversation going amongst level headed and realistic Bears fans regarding the hold out. Devin should at least show up to camp for practice to show good faith that he wants to stay a Bear. Then, management will be more willing to compromise and offer some type of package with a signing bonus and multiple incentives. I wouldn’t offer a lengthy contract with huge dollars, no way. What if he turns out to be a bust at WR? Then you have a WAY overpaid kick returner that no one else would want to pay in a trade. The biggest problem is that it’s uncharted territory for a kick returner holding out for more money based on performance. Stellar performance, sure, but keep in mind, the Bears special teams have been good for quite a while, even before Hester. They’re well coached and well prepared. Good punt and kick coverages. Hester has gotten huge help from good players who know how to block and create running room. It’s a team game, Devin. Remember to stay humble and pray the cast of key players around you stay healthy enough to keep your dick from hitting the dirt. The more you talk, the more receptive your mouth is to eating turf.

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