Toughest Down, One to Go

On July 3, the Bears signed first-round draft choice Greg Olsen to a five-year contract.? Olson is the first pick from the first or second round to sign in the NFL.? Only one Bear draft pick: second-round DE Dan Bazuin, remains to be signed.

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  1. Also coming out of this story is that Drew Rosenhaus has approached the Bears about other options in settling this contract squabble from Lance Briggs. As the columnist in the Trib said today, Briggs’ camp has blinked first in the staredown. I have a sneeking suspicion Briggs will be in camp. Once that July deadline for long-term deals comes and goes, he’ll have no choice but to play for that “pittance” ($7.2 mill) or sit for 10 weeks.

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