Tommie Harris and Mark Bradley

Tommie Harris seems to be having some personal issues, and has been suspended by the organization for this weekend’s game at Detroit.Shocker to me, if course being one of those stupid, non-”real” media types, I wouldn’t be privy to that kind of information, and if I was I guess I’d be too stupid to analyze it.

Since I am an amateur, I guess I’ll inject some amateur guesswork into the subject.

Reportedly, one of Smith and Harris’ beefs was the cutting of underachieving receiver Mark Bradley.  Bradley roomed with Harris in college at Oklahoma and the two were close friends.  It has been stated that Harris was not happy with the team when they cut his friend.

Just wondering–of course the organization would scoff at the notion, but could it be the Bears hold Harris partly responsible for the failure of a high second-round pick to ever make an impact?  Perhaps Harris strongly pushed for the drafting of Bradley, then he didn’t pan out and management holds Harris partly responsible?

There is a reason I am speculating on this, and the reason is, nobody knew about Bradley coming out.  I had several draft publications, and none of them even listed Bradley in their top 50 prospects.  I figured Jerry Angelo must have known what he was doing when he made the surprise selection, but of course he didn’t.  Might Angelo have had Harris heavily in his ear and thought he had inside information?

Could very well be preposterous that a personnel executive would allow a player to influence his draft.  But after the Angelo debacles of Roosevelt Williams (’02), Michael Haynes (’03), Cedric Benson and Bradley (’05), Danieal Manning (’06), and Dan Bazuin-Michael Okwo (’07), how would I be that off-base in speculating on the possibility?  (I should also mention Garrett Wolfe, who I very much hope turns into a star, but he was projected to be picked much, much lower than the third round where Angelo took him).

I believe in fairness, so I will reinforce that NFL draft picks are prospects, just like in baseball.  The Patriots drafted Chad Jackson in the second round, after all.  And Angelo has had his hits as well as misses, and some failures weren’t his fault (Marc Colombo, Tank Johnson).

I hope Tommie is able to work through his issues, on a personal level before even thinking about a football level.

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  1. I think it’s unfair to lump Roosevelt Williams and Daniel Manning in with the rest of those guys. Williams and Manning were/are productive players, to a point.

  2. I have to say absolutely it’s fair with Ro Williams-he was a third-round pick in 2002, played very spottily his rookie season and was out of the NFL the next year. The jury is still out on Manning, but he has not lived up to his billing as a high second-round selection.

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