TJ’s Shades of 1990

In the early 1990′s, the Atlanta Falcon wide receivers (Andre Rison in particular) learned how to talk a good game of smack, spurned on by their coach Jerry Glanville.  While the particular case I’ll be alluding to involves Rison, it had to have helped to have the ever-quiet Deion Sanders on the same team.

In the week prior to Atlanta’s visit to Chicago, Rison chirped at how he was going to light up Bears defensive back Lemuel “Lemon Head” Stinson for at least two touchdowns.  Stinson responded with a promise that he would intercept two passes.

The result?  Stinson picked off two and held Rison to 47 yards receiving in the 30-24 Bears victory.  The Bears cornerback was on his way to a Pro Bowl season that year before tearing his knee to shreds the following week at Denver.  Stinson was never really the same in the following two seasons, but he did have his moment in time in November 1990.

Why mention all this?  Seattle receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh just can’t shut up about how he’s going to be open on every play and tear up the Bears’ secondary.  Bears LB Lance Briggs has responded by reminding Housh that the Bears will be “bringing it” too.

Here’s hoping the Bears will back up their words and embarrass their opponent, just as they did in their 1990 season.

5 Responses to “TJ’s Shades of 1990”

  1. Yeah, I hope they make him eat it!

  2. Man that is funny. I just posted that i think the secondary will get two picks!!!
    Serendipitous dont’cha think?
    The Bears would have been stupid to overpay for TJ WHOSYOURMAMA’s punk a$$ and he can’t handle it.
    I guess TJ will see on Sunday that Da Bears spend alot of money on the defense to crack him in his silly mouth.

  3. 2 Legit. 2 Legit to quit. Hey hey!

    Good times. Stinson had like eight picks after that game. Too bad he got injured.

  4. Who’s Mandzadeh?

    Get it?

    AH! HA! HA! HA!

  5. The game has been over for a couple days now, but I have to post this.


    Did everyone else notice how hard the Bears were hitting him on Sunday? He made things much harder for himself. The D shut him down HARD. I think he had 40 receiving yards, a fumble, and a helluva headache after the game.


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