Tice Yes-DeCosta No

Catching up on today’s news on a busy day for my “real” job.

That didn’t take long: today the Bears officially promoted Mike Tice to offensive coordinator. No surprise there at all. Let’s just hope this goes better than the “promotion” of John Shoop to replace Gary Crowton. That didn’t go so well.

Interesting thing about Lovie. Came into Chicago saying his offensive philosophy is to “get off the bus running.” Yet his first offensive coordinator was pass-first. After just a year he was replaced with the run-oriented Ron Turner. Then Turner was replaced with the pass-happy Mike Martz. Now the Bears say they are renewing the commitment to run the ball. In a passing league. Good luck keeping your job past 2012 Lovie.

Last night, with league-wide top GM candidate Reggie McKenzie committing to Oakland, the Bears were targeting Eric DeCosta of the Ravens. Well guess what-DeCosta isn’t interested.

How lowwwwww will they gooooooo?

Didn’t take long for me to find the answer to that. Please allow me to clean myself after I read this quote in the Tribune article:

The search ultimately could lead them back to Bears personnel director Tim Ruskell, whose candidacy has not been dismissed.

Be afraid Bears fans. Be very afraid.

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