Thursday Bears Potpourri

Wow.  I miss a morning posting due to leaving for work at 4 a.m. or whatever, and the great comments keep coming.  Thanks everyone.

Tuesday night I heard a couple of things on the Score I felt like commenting on but didn’t have the chance until now.  First, it seems to be Terry Boers’ opinion that under the current regime Jay Cutler may never see a playoff game during his tenure as a Bear through 2013.  Not saying I agree with it, but an interesting prediction.  The only thing I can say is that until the Bears offensive line starts blocking and the defense plays defense against good teams, he may be right.

After the B&B show, Laurence Holmes spent time talking about the Bears and stated that Lovie Smith has to fear for his job, with 5 ex-coaches with Super Bowl rings sitting out there unemployed.  For the record, he’s talking about Jon Gruden, Mike Shanahan, Brian Billick, Mike Holmgren, Bill Cowher (and what about Tony Dungy while we’re at it?).  OK, point taken.  But once again let’s not forget that Lovie Smith is signed through 2011 at $5 million per and isn’t going anywhere.  And anyone that thinks any of the six aforementioned coaches is going to come in with Jerry Angelo running the show and drafting as he’s drafted for the most part is nuts.  Any of those guys are going to at least want to share in personnel decisions, power which Angelo refused to share with Nick Saban.  So there’s no reason even entertaining that talk.

And to Scott-I knew this had to be out there but didn’t find it myself, thanks for posting the link to  This actually looks like an informative, well thought-out site unlike some other sites of this type that have emerged for publicity but had no substance.  I liked Ron Turner in his initial stint with the Bears from 1993-1996.  A lot.  And I was happy to see him come back in 2005.  But I’m seriously beginning to question him.  It’s true, Turner didn’t put together this pathetic offensive line, but some blame has to rest with him for these offensive problems.  Right-it looks like Jay Cutler is not utilizing his hot reads when he’s under pressure-and perhaps the receivers aren’t on the same page with the QB in these situations as my old friend Hub Arkush points out.

But in the end, whose responsibility is it if the quarterback and receivers aren’t on the same page?  Isn’t that the offensive coordinator and ultimately the head coach?

And I loved Rick Morrissey’s column today about “Lovie Speak”.  I’ve written before about Lovie’s penchant to say his team will “go from there” about 5 times per press conference.  FINALLY Morrissey translates this Lovie Speak as meaning “Not only have I not answered you honestly, but now I’m dismissing your question and moving on to the next question that I’ll avoid.”  Loved it.

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  1. I think Cutler will see a playoff game before 2011. I think the Bears can get better with one more good o-lineman. Next year: LT Williams, LG Beekman, C Kreutz, RG Lance Louis or big Free Agent RT Shaffer/Omiyale/Pace/draft/free agent? Sounds pretty decent to me, and once you have a good o-line the rest falls into place.
    Oh and Lovie’s pressers are useless, the guy says nothing every single time. I’d rather hear them interview Cutler each day, that guy tells it like it is (for the most part).

  2. Ron, on Ron Turner…I personally was too young to care about who was the o-coordinator in the early-mid 90′s when Ron was here the first time. I have looked at the stats and basically 1995 was his only good season with the offense.

    I also look at it that Ron suffered through numerous offensive injuries during that stint and when he came back in 2005, the same thing happened with Grossman going down and him having to deal with Orton.

    However, we got to see what Ron Turner did was uninjured QB in 2006 and for the most part one in 2008. Both got off to rather good starts before tapering off and never really seeing a good game the rest of the season.

    Turner is also to blame for alot of the Super Bowl. Yes Rex was not executing but the game plan seemed to call for short passes that Grossman could complete, then hope that those receivers would create extra yardage. As the stats showed, Rex completed 20 passes on 28 attempts in that Super Bowl game. The thing is Ron doesnt adapt to game changes. Thomas Jones was having a run away game and Ron fails to use him much in the 4th quarter. Instead he plays the game like we were down by multiple touchdowns when in fact it was only 22-17 at that point. The inability to move the ball in that game was on Ron Turner. Yes Rex was Mr. Fumble, threw a late complete game changing INT in the 4th quarter, but simply put, Turner could have adjusted the game, and maybe the Bears would have pulled out a victory in that game for all we know.

    In 2008, Orton started out well and stayed pretty well until his ankle injury which seemed to affect him the rest of the season. After that Turner seemed lost and confused on what to do really. By the last game of the season, Orton seemed to be back on page and had a good game against the Texans, but of course the defense failed that game. All in all, Ron has never led a great offense, and personally his best personnel he’s had were in 2005 and 2006 and we saw what was produced there.

    Now he has a star QB without an offensive line to protect him, How Ron adapts doesnt seem to be showing at all. Maybe it will soon now that the media is on the case of the O-Line. One thing I have noticed though is Orton called multiple audibles and line adjustments last season, I dont see a whole lot from Cutler this season. I dont know if thats Cutler or Turner..I have no idea.

  3. The Bears are in the hunt for the playoffs this year. Frankly, I expect them to get there. If they beat Arizona at home and then go out to SF and win they will be 6-3. With games on the schedule against Detroit and the Rams they would be a lock for at least 8 wins. They would only have to win 1-2 of the other 5 to get in.

    I don’t really care what the coach says after the game or in press conferences – just win and all is fine. Bill Belichek is not known for giving good press conferences. Lovie needs to win and the next few weeks will tell us about his coaching.

  4. Opps Roy, my apologizes, called you Ron there. I got too caught up in talking about Turner

  5. Scott, I’ve been called Ron about 18 billion times in my life, so no sweat. Nice writeup-very good.

  6. I guess I’m suposed to get mad at Lovie for his unsightful press conferences, but I won’t. This is life in the NFL nowadays. Bellicheck’s press conferences are just as bad. The difference is, he wins more often than not. I’m a fan of a baseball team where the manager and GM are big mouth idiots. The media runs away with their quotes and make stories regarding this. I wish they were like Lovie sometimes.

    Bottom line, we as fans should worry about what Lovie does and not says. We should be upset about how they weren’t prepared to play in Cincy. We should demand the team is prepared and the right choices are made during a game. We should not care what he says to the media. The media in this town is a joke (except for a few exceptions). They have been known to take a juicy quote, make up stories, and try to find some negative twists.

  7. Scott, in terms of your comment, Orton’s biggest strength was the ability to run the offense. He ran the no huddle offense as good as anyone. He seemed to know what to call at the right time. He just couldn’t make all the throws Cutler can make. I will certainly agree Cutler doesn’t appear to be on the same page. This will add to my speculation Turner will be the scapegoat at the end of the year.

  8. jdm, I agree with your view on the media. Ron Turner’s own words on scaling down the offense were taken out of context. He was more so making a mere suggestion all the while looking pissed about the performance of the team Sunday to the media and they ran off with it. All in all I still do not like Ron Turner and he probably will end up the scapegoat at the end of the season. I just get the general idea them him and Jay dont get along. Meaning, Jay might not like Ron. Thats just a vibe I get and well it might not be true at all.

    Ron Turner has had several games where he enters with a great game plan and if it all goes accordingly everything works out. Examples are his game against Indianapolis last season, Green Bay on that cold windy day in late 2007 (We won 35-7). I’m sure those games in early 2006 were called well, but I personally never paid all that much attention to the offensive game calling then..Not until later in the season when all the Rex hoopla began.

    I would rather see someone come in who could get along with Jay and actually coach Jay, I just dont think Turner is that guy. Of course another problem is an O-coordinator likely needs to be brought in who can get along with Lovie too. Either way, Its kind going to be a mess in my opinion.

  9. Chris from Springfield on November 6th, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    Am i the only one sick and tired of hearing Hub Arkush criticize Devin Hester and promote Olin Kreutz? What does he want the Bears to do? They would’ve used their 1st pick on a reciever if they hadn’t used on to trade for Cutler. In my eyes, Hester has played well, in-fact all of the recievers have been at least serviceable.

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