Things to Build On

I didn’t think we’d be able to take any things to build on away from the 2009 season, but perhaps we have two today.

Jay Cutler was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his four-touchdown performance against the vaunted Vikings defense.

And Lance Briggs will start at linebacker in his fifth consecutive Pro Bowl.  I didn’t think the Bears would be able to muster a single Pro Bowl player.

At least there are a couple of positives to close out this dismal season.

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  1. I think one thing that should be done going into the last game and into the offseason is to take Devin Hester off as a WR, put him back in his kick and punt return role that is made for him and is his strength, and have Aromoshadou take his place. The way him and Bennett got it done on monday, I don’t think that was a one time thing. That tandem seemed to mesh well with Cutler and if the Bears were smart they would emphasize that.

  2. I’m not in favor of Hester being a Kick Returner. Here’s why:
    Hester in 2008 did way way too much dancing and going backwards instead of just running for the hole then adapting. He did too much looking ahead and acting like he needed to return it for a TD on every single kickoff. He played way way too many mind games with himself. He still does this on occasion as a punt returner, but isn’t as bad.

    When we have guys like Danieal Manning and Johnny Knox who can make long and deep returns, we dont need Hester to be back there. To me, Hester is a perfect slot receiver, but definitely not a #1 or #2. That being said, Bennett is not a #1 WR either and Devin A is too raw to be a #1 right now, but potentially could be if he can keep up performances like he did against the Vikings.

  3. Devin Hester should be traded or cut. He is not a WR by any stretch. When I watched him this season, he was lost most of the time. Did not know when he was hot, and certainly did not know what to do about it. His 50+ catches. I think if you check the record, over half of those were WR screens. Anyone can step back two yards and catch a pass. That is not what a #1,2,or 3 is supposed to be limited to.

    I am not saying that Devin A is the long term answer, but he is light years ahead of Hester, who would only make another NFL team because of his return ability. Knox is only slightly better than Hester. I give him a pass because he is a rookie. But if he looks as lost out there next year as he did this year, he needs to find another team to play for, too.

    Devin A at least knows a few professional routes and has developed some of the skills the REAL receivers have to create space between themselves and their defensive counterparts. I say he won the starting job on Monday night and should keep it until someone takes it away from him. I am relatively sure that Cutler would agree with me :-)

  4. It was a good game, but you can’t forget about the Bears from the rest of the year. No coaching from Lovie. He can’t coach the defense we went from being one of the top defenses in the NFL to a middle of the road to below average defense. The offensive line is old and washed up and needs to be fixed. Orlando Pace was suppose to be something special some of the kids from my high school can block better.The run games problem is that there are no holes for Forte or Bell to run through. Last year when are line didnt suck Forte was a top running with almost 1,300 yards rushing this year with no offensive line he is down at the middle. This leads to most of Cutler’s problems as a quarterback, throwing all of the interceptions overthrowing recievers and getting sacked. The recievers have no leadership with a veteran. We need some one like Derrick Mason who can teachthese recievers some of the tricks of the trade and help them bloom as recievers.

  5. The question is: Would Devin Hester have gotten 150 yards last game in Aromashadou’s place? The answer is no. We gave in to his whining last year in the way of a fatter than it should have been contract, so he needs to remain. Let DA in. Make him the number one next game and see what happens. We already know what happens when it’s Hester… …nothing. Make Hester what he has been best at, a number 3 wr and a number 1 kr/pr.

    Sidenote: 3 New Orlean’s wide recievers had more yards than Hester, 3 Arizona wide receivers had more yards than Hester, 3 New York Giant’s recievers had more yards than Hester, 3 Pittsburgh wide receivers had more yards than Hester. Don’t get me started if we count tight ends. Number 1? Sounds more like number 3.

  6. The Bears are going to makes some trade this off season, the question is who?

    At the top of my wish list is Devin Hester. Hesters trade value in my opinion will never be higher than it is now and until he is traded I don’t think the Bears will have a clear path to establishing a strong WR corps. I would like to see a possible trade for Knox as well. Arashmadou, Inglesias and Bennett would be my pick for a one two three combination unless the Bears trade for a Miles Austin like WR.

  7. Let me clarify on Knox. Trading Knox would only be a good move if they can get enough value to sign or draft a top quality o-lineman.

  8. Hester’s in the lineup and once again the offense looks ahnemic.

  9. I’m just new here but “what are you drinking?” The only thing that will help this team is to get rid of the coach and the GM. Find someone with Super Bowl experience and let them run things. Let them be the coach and GM.

    With them winning the last two, all you’re going to see now is Lovie coming back with the assistants being the sacrifices to save his job. So get ready for another year of “far off looks” and bubble screens and comments from other teams saying “yeah, we know exactly what they are doing on both sides of the ball.” There is no fire in anyone. So just continue to buy your tickets and food at the stadium and pay for the parking. Cleaning house in the front office is the only way to make a change. The owners aren’t going anywhere.

    P.S.- STOP using the term WE when referring to the Bears unless you are a current or past member of the organization.

  10. Paul- I’m a Bears fan. When I used “we” in this post I was talking about positives the fans can take away. Did I ever claim to be a current or past member of the organization?

  11. amen paul! people, dont pay for parking, dont buy a program a beer a hot dog or a jersey, and most of all stay home! dont give em your money. the only way they’ll listen to us is empty seats. FIRE ANGELO LOVIE AND THE WHOLE STAFF!! but angelo first and foremost, how many first and second round disasters has this clown been a part of? STOP THE INSANITY!!! this is obvious who the biggest problem is!

  12. At least we don’t have a 1 or 2 pick so Angelo is guaranteed to not have any 1st or 2nd round disasters this year for us. We have a deep draft to choose from, we could get a 2nd round talent in the 3rd. We’re going to need to improve no doubt. We need to evaluate our talent. We’ve got a storied history and I think we can pull ourselves out of this. Our team needs lots of changes. Is that enough for you Paul? ;)

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