The Fog Bowl: 20 Years Ago Today

Couldn’t resist mentioning this morning that The Fog Bowl took place 20 years ago today.  Hard to believe it’s been that long.  I think of everything that has changed in my life since then, I was in high school, and it has been a long time.  But I can remember it like it was yesterday.

The 1988 Chicago Bears defied a lot of odds to finish 12-4 and earn the top seed in the NFC.  They might have even gone 14-2 if not for a fluke loss at Minnesota and if they had won one of the other games they should have, such as against the Rams or Patriots.  That Patriot game was interesting when Doug Flutie annihilated his former team.

There were plenty of verbal daggers thrown back and forth all week between Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan, and the Bears jumped out to an early lead.  It’s a good thing they did-because if not for the fog the Bears may have ended up losing the game.  But they won 20-12.

Here’s a You Tube feature on the Fog Bowl.

Happy New Year.

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  1. I remember being at your house that day for the game. We tried watching it, but of course there was nothing to see. What did we do to try to follow the game? Or did we?

  2. My grandfather (deceased 1990), bless his angry heart, was sitting in his chair in that room with the radio tuned to the Blackhawks game on WBBM. I’ll never forget that, I wasn’t on good enough terms with him to ask him to turn it down so we could watch the game. We were probably more concerned about that night’s New Year’s party than the game. This was one of 2 games in the 1980′s I didn’t go to-literally. My Father had friends in from out of state and wanted to take them to go “see” a game, so I gave up my ticket. Then you and I and Mikey and your brother went to the NFC Championship a week later and froze our asses off to see that horrendous game.

  3. I actually have that game on DVD. You can hardly see anything, the fog was so thick. It was included on’s top 10 weather games of all time.

  4. I remember watching that game with my cousins … or rather listening to it on TV. A big wood framed console TV. No plasma or HD technology could have helped that day’s broadcast.

  5. I was leaving my grandfather’s house in Skokie around 9:30 that morning on a cross country trip from Long Island to Davis, California. The sky was sunny and blue, which was good since the heater in my 1968 Olds 98 wasn’t working. Somewhere on Interstate 80 near the exit to Moline, I ran into a thick, endless wall of fog.
    It was a surreal experience, like driving in a glass of milk with floating rime-like snow flakes. Shortly after entering the fog, I heard the sportscasters on the radio talk about a thick fog rolling into Soldiers Field and blocking their view. After about an hour, I was west of the fog, but the skies were cloudy for the rest of the day in Iowa, thus ruining my only source of heat in the car.
    The remainder of my trip to California was cold compared to my pre-fog drive.

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