The Ever-Changing Brandon Lloyd

Wide Receiver Brandon Lloyd came to the Chicago Bears in 2008 with a checkered past.  He was never in serious trouble as many NFL receivers find themselves in, but he always had petty annoyances in his previous stops.

When the Bears signed him to a one-year league minimum “prove it” deal, it was figured Lloyd could show if he has any talent or get cut.  I didn’t care much one way or another if he panned out or not.

Then a funny thing happened, Lloyd actually started making some plays and his performance peaked with a six catch, 124 yard performance in week three against Tampa.  Lloyd also injured his knee in that game, an injury thought at the time to keep him out 2-4 weeks.

It’s now been 6, and Mike Mulligan reports that the Bears are privately simmering about Lloyd’s willingness to get back out on the field.  I’ve also read that the receiver has made some appearances on radio shows and seems more intent on promoting his rap songs than talking about football.

This one is odd.  I really do question if the fat contracts the Bears have paid to most of their defensive starters in 2007 and 2008 have led to their complacency and the decline of the pass defense this season.  But Lloyd is playing for his next contract.  Were he able to ride Kyle Orton’s strong season and have one himself, he may land another (unjustified) large contract like the idiot Redskins paid him.

But hey, maybe Lloyd’s happy with what he’s made thus far.  I certainly can’t relate to being set for life, but maybe you don’t have to try anymore, once that happens.

4 Responses to “The Ever-Changing Brandon Lloyd”

  1. I want to see Orton, Tillman and Lloyd on the field this Sunday against Green Gay. We’ll need all three of them to have the best chance at beating the Pack. Why am I not seeing Hunter Hillenmeyer on the injury report? And oh yeah, the word is paid not payed. (I know, scvew you Febstah)

  2. Thanks rubberneck, typing at 5 a.m. leads to mistakes.

  3. Great lets let go of another talented WR and watch him flourish elsewhere in the NFL. If Mark Bradley has one more good game in a row, Angelo is NOT getting a Christmas card from the Perno household.

  4. I’m with you on that Perno, I can’t figure out why Lovie & Co. get into these personality conflicts with people and cut them loose. I was also very disappointed that they felt Booker was a better keeper than Bradley. It’s a shame.

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