The Bucs are Considering Who?

Since we last visited:

The Bears have hired former Jay Cutler tutor Jeremy Bates as quarterbacks coach.

On Wednesday, they completed their new offensive coaching staff by bringing in former Tampa assistant Tim Holt as their new offensive line coach. Keep in mind this is the fourth new set of offensive coaches in Smith’s nine-year run as head coach.

Probably the funniest news I have seen recently concerns the Bucaneers’ search for a new offensive coordinator. Did anyone see who two of the finalists are? They are none other than former Bears offensive coordinators Ron Turner and…drumroll…JOHN SHOOP.

Honestly, I thought and still think that Ron Turner is a good offensive coordinator. We all know that (especially in his final season of 2009) Turner didn’t have any decent receivers. The one year in Turner’s total nine years as Bears’ OC that he did have three good receivers, 1995, the team’s offense set records. So I wish him the best.

But John Shoop the frontrunner? Wow. And looking back, maybe even Shoop may have looked better with more capable players other than a shoulder-less Jim Miller and Kordell Stewart. But I did with my own ears hear Shoop say that sometimes the best third-down play is the play that sets up the best punt.

Good luck to the Bucs.

3 Responses to “The Bucs are Considering Who?”

  1. I think Ron Turner is fine. He’s not great, but he’s not this terrible coach people made him out to be. John Shoop? Ha, that’s funny. The 2001 Bears defense and Anthony Thomas made him look less worse than he was.

  2. Yeah I can’t believe Shoop would be considered either. You would think he would’ve coached in Buffalo, considering Jauron coached there and he was loyal to his assistants.

  3. Cutler needs all the help he can get. I think the entire city of Chicago in general are not satisfied with his play since arriving from Denver.

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