Tank Gone for Eight Games in 2007

The NFL has announced an eight-game suspension for defensive tackle Tank Johnson in response to his December 2006 arrest.? This commish isn’t kidding around.? And frankly, I like it.? As Larry Mayer writes, the commissioner will review Johnson’s adherence to conditions in the suspension no later than October 1, and if the conditions are met, he may reduce the suspension to six games.? Sounds like a plan to set proper standards for athletes that make more money in a year than most of us do in a lifetime.?

?Now newly signed free agent Anthony Adams and second-year pro Dusty Dvoracek must step up to fill the large shoes of Johnson through November.

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  1. Tank has done his time and paid his debt to society. So why is the NFL trying to “pile on”? Because the rookie commissioner has something to prove, nothing more … nothing less.

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