Surprising Number of Bears in Pro Bowl

Chicago Bears players in the 2012/2013 Pro Bowl:

WR Brandon Marshall: First Bears receiver honored since Marty Booker in 2002; only second since 1971.

DT Henry Melton: Vindication that Melton indeed has entered elite status. Sure to help his push for a major contract upgrade as he becomes a free agent following this season.

DE Julius Peppers: Peppers’ second time honored as a Bear.

CB Charles Tillman: Tillman rewarded for the second straight year.

CB Tim Jennings: Honored for leading NFL in interceptions, starting with his teammate Tillman. I cannot remember another time when two Bears cornerbacks made the team. Surely never both as starters, which both are.

A notable player missing is LB Lance Briggs, who doesn’t make the Pro Bowl team for the first time since 2004, I believe. Will be interesting to hear the speculation on why Briggs was snubbed. Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that Briggs would not participate in the game year after year?

4 Responses to “Surprising Number of Bears in Pro Bowl”

  1. Does anyone remember when Charles Tillman used to get so much flack and Nathan Vasher got so much love? How times change…

  2. I can’t disagree with who they chose. Good to see both CB were selected.

  3. Brandon Marshall: Absolutely deserves his Pro Bowl spot. If he gets 10 catches Sunday and he ties Wes Welker and Herman Moore for the 2nd most receptions in NFL history for a single season. Probably set a record for most receptions while double teamed this year.

    Henry Melton: I’m guessing Melton racked up a lot of his votes early in the voting period. In the Bears first seven games Melton had 5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. Since then he has one sack and no forced fumbles.

    Julius Peppers: No a bad pick, but could have been replaced by John Abraham of Atlanta, Chris Clemons of Seattle, or Charles Johnson of Carolina.

    Charles Tillman: Has struggled more lately than he did early. His game against Calvin Johnson on 10/22 was a true masterpiece. 10 forced fumbles by a CB is amazing. Worthy pick, particularly given how many years Peanut was overlooked by the national media. Good to see him getting recognition the last two years.

    Tim Jennings: Tough to argue too much with the NFL interception leader making the pro bowl. Jennings’ development has to be part of any case to retain Lovie as head coach. Fine pick.

    Lance Briggs: All the OLBs who were voted in ahead of Briggs are 3-4 pass rush specialists. Briggs’ lack of gaudy sack totals kept him out of an 8th Pro Bowl. This is particularly annoying as almost half of Clay Matthews’ sacks have come off J’Marcus Webb. Perhaps the NFL should have a minimum of one 4-3 OLB? All told, in the Bears four games against the three NFC team OLBs, they gave up 12 sacks. I think a case could be made that Lance Briggs didn’t make the Pro Bowl because the Bears offensive line let opposing OLBs wreck such havoc.

  4. I am glad Brandon Marshall seems to be doing better. Hope that continues in the Pro Bowl.

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