St. Louis North Building Continues

With the re-signing of linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa, after the free-agent acquisition of tight end Brandon Manumaleuna, not only are the Bears ensuring a rough time for announcers during the 2010 season, but their roster continues to look more and more like the 2003 St. Louis Rams.

Tinoisamoa is a good linebacker, no question.¬† I was excited about his signing last year, before he only was able to start 2 out of 16 games due to injuries.¬† What’s your over/under for games played for Tinoisamoa this year?

5 Responses to “St. Louis North Building Continues”

  1. I’ll go out on a limb and say he plays in 14 games. I’ll give him the benefit that last year was a fluke season for him in terms of his inability to stay healthy.

  2. Agreed, I’ll go 12. I can’t wait to see Marshall Faulk in a Bears uniform!

  3. I think he will make it 16. Injuries happen. Comebacks do ,too!

    A good day for Brandon Marshall! Bad news for the AFC east! He escapes the fast sinking McPunk ship and gets the biggest WR payday in history! Best of luck to Brandon! Tony Scheffler is next! Hope the Bears give him a look!

  4. We should do an over/under on tackles. I think he will play in every game. Just bad luck on a hit that tears a knee ligament. I’ll set the bar for tackles at 120.

  5. bears are the bomb

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