Soldier Field Grass

The Bears and the Chicago Park District met recently to discuss the playing surface at Soldier Field.  According to a Tribune article, the park district wanted to move to an infill playing surface (a.k.a. Field Turf), but the Bears opted to remain playing on grass.

The Soldier Field surface is notoriously bad; last year it had to be re-sodded twice in an 11-week period.  My question is, why the hell can’t they grow grass there?

I’m a little torn, I know Mike Martz’ offense would play much better on a Field Turf surface this year.  But once that horse is out of the barn, there will be no going back to natural grass, ever.  And I’m not sure I want that.

What do you think?

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  1. I think that if any team is going to have the good ol’ turf,That they should go ahead and control the temperture to and put a dome over it.But if you are going to play against mother natures what ever she brings weather,Then it has to be the old fashion grid iron outside football field.Bears are a big atmosphere surrounding home field team.Always have been and always will be or is it time for a change.Its whatever is best for chicago.If it will make us better,Go for it i say!!!

  2. They should install that grass/synthetic hybrid like (GULP) the Packers. Soldier Field’s horrible playing surface is an embarrassment to the fans, owners, players, and former players, I hate it.
    Link to the Packers/Steelers/Eagles playing surface:

  3. Nice info Perno! Now why the hell can’t we do that? If it grows in Green Bay, sounds like the solution here. But could it be that Lambeau doesn’t have the myriad college/high school football games, concerts, etc that the Bears & Park District claim is what ruins SF’s grass every year?

  4. Hard to imagine the 46 defense (of Buddy Ryan’s glory) playing on anything BUT field turf.
    The turf contributed to the speed of that defense.
    Of course they were good enough to win anywhere, anytime.
    If the Bears went synthetic, they could use their speed on the defensive line, but our corners would get smoked like a pack of Newports.

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