So I Had Good Reason…

…to be disgusted when the Bears selected Cedric Benson with the fourth overall pick in the 2005 draft.

Jump back to 1998. When the Bears selected Curtis Enis, I grabbed the heaviest item within reach that wouldn’t break my vintage 1985 console screen and threw it. Enis, of course, turned out to be a flop, despite the fact that some in the “real” media estimate he was headed to a Rookie of the Year season. He wasn’t.

In 2005, many had predicted that the Bears would select Benson. I hated the idea. Benson’s stock dropped precipitously as draft day neared. The book on him was that Benson was “like Rickey Williams but not as good.” That turned me on him right there, and reports that he lacked NFL speed and elusiveness didn’t endear him to me any further. After the Bears selected him and he began to cry because he was treated so unfairly by everyone prior to the draft, I was done with him. Then came the longest holdout in the NFL, threats to never play for the Bears, then consistent injuries to a player that never missed a game in college.

Now Benson has been arrested and pepper-sprayed. How much longer do we have to live with the farce that the Bears still have confidence in this NFL washout? One of many NFL washouts the Bears have selected highly in the first round.

3 Responses to “So I Had Good Reason…”

  1. I say the Bears should cut Benson. We already have three running backs.

  2. How he’s gotten a pass for this long amazes me. I think what we’ve just heard is the proverbial straw, and he’ll be a memory by the end of the week. The question I have is, do we go into the free agency pool looking for a starter, or do we go with what’s there now?

  3. I remember when he quit in the superbowl. I never have been able to find out what his injury was that night.

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