“Snowmageddon” In Minneapolis Tonight

ESPN is calling tonight’s game “Snowmageddon”.  The more I think about it, I’m hoping it doesn’t turn out like the 1977 Ice Bowl, but it very well could.

I just thank God Bob Avellini isn’t our quarterback this time.  I’d trade running backs with the 1977 team, though.

I am hoping that the Bears surprise us and bring out the old-school white-on-white road uniform, but seeing as they haven’t worn it very regularly under Lovie Smith, I don’t think they will.

2 Responses to ““Snowmageddon” In Minneapolis Tonight”

  1. They wore those white-on-white during every away game in 2008..then started to last year..but ditched them..This year they’ve worn the white on blue I think every road game.

  2. I love the all whites in moderation, I can’t figure out why they won’t wear them a couple times per year. You’re right, I didn’t realize until now (even though I already had it on my BearsHistory uniform page) that they did wear all whites exclusively in 2008) that they did so. I would have loved to see them tonight. But who cares-Division Champs baby!

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