Smith’s March Thoughts

I’m doing my best to find things to post, but it’s not easy these days.

Today Sean Jensen of the Sun-Times has some Lovie Smith comments from the NFC Coaches’ breakfast in Orlando.  Among other things, Smith tries to say that the Bears will still be a running team under Mike Martz.  (Martz’ offenses have routinely passed on 60% or more of offensive plays).

I’ll love to see how the Smith-Martz relationship goes if Smith tries to continue the “get off the bus running even when our offensive line can’t block” BS.

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  1. Smith may say it, but not actually mean it. Lovie Smith has a tendency to be a broken record, I expect that to continue.

  2. Hey Roy, this is off topic, but I’m wondering what you think about the new overtime rule for post-season games? I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. The nice thing about being a Bears fan, though, is we probably won’t have to even worry about it for a few years! :)

  3. Hopefully Lovie is talking about yards after the catch. If not, he is totally out of touch with the reality of his offensive situation. Or maybe he is trying to set a smokescreen for the first few games of the season… I doubt it. Maybe that’s what he told the McCaskey’s to get the job in the first place so he continues the broken record. It would be nice if we could win games with Sweetness in the munched up turf in December, but the realities of today dictate that you have to be able to pass with the threat of a run and not vice-versa.

  4. I am excited for this upcoming season. I am. I hate the new O.T. rules, but only because we have Robbie Gould. The difference between Robbie Gould and Nate Kaeding is that Nate Kaeding is a better fantasy option, and Robbie Gould will make every meaningful kick no matter what the conditions or what the circumstances. CLUTCH! Anyway, Smith says what he has to in this day and age. Why haven’t we gone after O.J. Atogwe yet? I live down here in the StL and it makes no sense that no one has made an offer on this guy yet?

  5. How is smith going to make a running team with mike martz at OC… Secondly we just got ride our FB mckie… who was key to run blocking for us… I must LOL at this.. Well lets see how lovie runs the ball this season…

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