Smith: We’re Fine at RB

According to Head Coach Lovie Smith, the Bears are fine at running back and won’t be signing a veteran for the 2008 season to back up the new starter, rookie Matt Forte.

“We like the running backs we have now,” Smith said.

Hm.  To me, beginning a season with the Super Bowl window barely cracked and falling fast with a rookie at the critical left tackle and running back positions does not bode well for the Bears.  Whatever happened to the excuse countless other regimes have used that rookie running backs can’t play extensively because it takes a long time to pick up NFL protection schemes?

Unfortunately, I can’t forget that in 2002, the Bears were supposedly set with Bernard Robertson at left tackle and Leon Johnson as the backup running back.  In 2003, Quasim Mitchell and Rabih Abdullah were good enough.  We all know how the story usually ends here.

I’m a Bears fan as through and through as anyone, but I don’t have a good feeling about this.

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