Sims, Brown or Not

Over the weekend, Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune wrote that the Seattle Seahawks may be interested in trading guard Rob Sims for Bears’ defensive end Alex Brown straight up.  This was the first item I’m heard about divesting in Brown that actually made a bit of sense.

But then Sean Jensen of the Sun-Times quickly countered that while Seattle is interested in dealing Sims, they’re not interested in Brown at $5 million per season.  According to Jensen, the Bears may fairly easily be able to sign Sims to an offer sheet and would only need to send a fourth-round pick in return.

I say KEEP Brown and sign Sims, but the Bears seem committed to unloading the solid veteran, just as they were committed to benching him for Mark Anderson in 2007 with disastrous results.

But the Bears keep unloading their draft picks and shouldn’t do this you say?  Considering some of Jerry Angelo’s fourth round picks in Henry Melton, D.J. Moore, Craig Steltz, Jamar Williams, Leon Joe, I’d say giving up a fourth for a solid guard, a need position, would be smart.

For some reason Pompei thinks the Bears can get a high draft pick for Brown, but I think they wouldn’t be able to get more than a 5th rounder, probably a 6th.

Time will tell, as always.

2 Responses to “Sims, Brown or Not”

  1. Yes but this year’s 4th round may have talent equivalent to previous year’s 3rd rounds where the Bears do pretty well. I didn’t read the articles, why would Seattle want to unload a good G?

  2. Sims doesn’t fit in a zone blocking scheme that seattle runs
    hes big and strong and would flourish in a head up blocking scheme

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