Secondary at Issue

Got some stitches on my hand, so need to save the little typing I can do for work this week.

Cornerback Rod Hood, who signed as a free agent with Cleveland over the Bears, was cut by Cleveland and now signed with the Bears anyway.  The hope if for Hood to provide depth, as the Bears have injuries and questionable play galore at cornerback.

But if Hood was cut by Arizona and Cleveland, what hope is there that he’ll do anything for the Bears?¬† Brad Biggs says he may not even make the team.

We’ll see.

4 Responses to “Secondary at Issue”

  1. Hopefully the message to our CBs is this one: “look, we are so desperate with you guys that we feel fortunate to bring in a guy that was cut by two teams this year and that would rather not play for us in the first place”. I don’t think they are bringing him in just for the sake of competition (we already have 10 CBs to chose from so far + Manning). He is probably an upgrade over, to say the least, #26 (nice jump over that bronco though, nice) and vanishing vasher.
    In fact the whole defense is making me a little nervous right now with those durability and level of play concerns.

  2. I don’t see him making the team unless he comes out like gangbusters vs. the Browns. I’m talking pass deflections and interceptions out the wazoo.

  3. The secondary is the only area that concerns me right now. With the addition of Pisa, I think we have the best (and deepest) linebacking corps in the league, and I think the D-line will play much better this year. We have some younger guys there that are hungry and will get some reps, and I think that will push the vets to perform. I am really excited about our offense, and I think Hester will return to form, at least somewhat, in the return game.

  4. See my rant on the Preseason 2009 complete.

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