Seahawks at Bears 2010

Week six in the NFL is shaping up with many interesting storylines, and not just in Chicago.

Will the Bears continue to beat the teams they should beat, such as the 6.5 point underdog Seattle Seahawks, not just winning games in which they’re not favored?  The Bears have won two games they should have over Detroit and Carolina, and also shocked many by beating Dallas and Green Bay, alleged August Super Bowl favorites.  I continue to be cautiously optimistic about the 2010 Chicago Bears, but need to see them continue to win the games they should win.

In Green Bay, as of this writing we still don’t know whether Aaron Rodgers will start against Miami after his week five concussion.  I’d have to say it looks likely as he was quickly cleared to return to practice this week.  Bear fans may want to see Packer backup Matt Flynn have to start a game, but I look inward and realize Flynn has much more promise than Todd Collins.

And in Minnesota, the 1-3 Cowboys visit the 1-3 Vikings in the “desperation bowl” pitting two teams predicted to have Super Bowl chances against one another.  I’d have to bet on the Vikings pulling it together at home, but it would be SWEET to see that mess fall to 1-4.


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  1. I agree, I think you have to give the advantage to the Vikings playing at home in the dome. How great would a tie game be! I’m pulling for a 21-21 tie game and 1-3-1 records for those two despicable teams.

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