Sadness for Kramer Family

Shocked and saddened this morning when I read of the passing of Griffen Kramer, the 18 year old son of former Bears quarterback Erik Kramer.

Then I remembered-it seems like just yesterday.  Somewhere on one of my hundreds of Bears DVD’s, I have a piece that was done by either a national or local crew on Kramer in 1995.  This was five or six games into the season when he was lighting up the field.  The camera crew interviewed Kramer and I believe his wife on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.  (In 1995, the Farris Wheel was new and the Pier was newly rehabbed).

Also in that video and part of the story was two year old Griffen.  I don’t remember the circumstances but the child had major health issues as an infant, and the Kramer family nearly lost him.

What a shame that they ended up losing him in the end.  My heart goes out to them.

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