Running Game Woes

Sean Jensen of the Sun-Times writes today about the Bears’ running game, which is ranked second-to-last in the NFL.  As I said before, in my opinion there is no way the Bears are a serious threat to any other teams if they flat-out cannot run the ball.

I realize that the statistics show that over the last several years, the league has turned into a bonafide passing league, and several recent Super Bowl teams were ranked very low in rushing.  Those teams, Arizona and Indianapolis, also had formidable passing games that featured offensive lines that can protect their quarterbacks.  The Bears have only proven that Jay Cutler is likely to suffer his second concussion soon, which will end his season.

I don’t want the Bears to abandon Martz’ system, I really am still excited about the prospects.  But the thing is, they need to make a commitment to the running game even if it seems like it’s not working.  I realize 16 years ago in the NFL has absolutely no bearing on today, but back in 1994 when the Bears fielded Lewis Tillman against Barry Sanders and the Lions, Wanny’s team kept pounding the ball even when it looked like it wasn’t working.  Tillman finished with 126 yards on a fairly whopping 32 carries, to Sanders’ 11 carries for 42 yards.

Then again, that 1994 line was physical and evidently leaps and bounds better than the current line.  I have had faith in the current group of guys for some reason, but am losing it quickly.

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  1. The line is going to need to learn to run block this weekend…Cutler is out..Todd Collins is starting. They’ll likely try to run the 2005 Bears offense with Kyle Orton…except they dont have the line for that either.

  2. Or Kyle Orton.

  3. Or the 2005 defense!

  4. We are screwed!

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