Roy Williams’ Mouth

In 2005, I believe, Lions wide receiver Roy Williams predicted his team would put 40 points on the Bears. They scored 6.

In 2006, he guaranteed a Lion win. The Bears swept the Lions.

Prior to the teams’ first meeting this year, he said the Bear defense isn’t that good. And he was fairly right the first time around, but only because 5 defensive starters were out of the game.

Yesterday, Williams said Charles Tillman isn’t one of the better corners in the league.

Will this guy ever shut up and play? By the way, Williams has been missing in action the last several weeks. I think someone’s in jeopardy of getting drilled this week.

2 Responses to “Roy Williams’ Mouth”

  1. When was the last time the Lions swept the Bears in a season? I can’t remember…
    Anyway, I look for Muhsin Muhammad to have a big game against the Lions this week and there may be the outside chance that Benson will break a hundred yards. The Lions defense has been atrocious lately and the Bears offense has been sparked by the play of Griese, who should have another 300 yard performance. Bear Down!

  2. Hester is our magic bullet. First, they’re going to give the Bears the ball at the 40 yard line because they’re afraid of the big return. Secondly, I think he showed last week that he just might have the best receiving hands on the team, and with fresh legs will be a huge part of the offense on Sunday. Third, the Lions D will be so worried about keying on Hester that it will open up some big plays for Mushin and the tight ends, who have been terrific, and maybe even Benson will decide to play ball. Or hopefully AP.

    I preditct a blowout. Go Bears!

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