Roast for Da Coach 2001

I have no idea why this is newsworthy for and Deadspin today. The only reason I’m posting on this is because I was there, and it was funny to see this come back and answer a lingering question out of the blue. Today, those sites linked to this YouTube video of Ditka knocking over a table then flailing off the stage:

They don’t seem to have any idea where this was from. I know because I was there. And I was far enough back in the crowd that I couldn’t see why Ditka fell off the stage when Paul Hornung came up to speak. Now I know, for the first time. This was at ESPN 1000′s “Roast for the Coach” that happened in June 2001. Here’s a page I had written on the event back then, on my old, ugly, early version of Another funny memory from that event was this:


I was excited about getting my photo taken with Da Superfans, and was very polite and respectful in asking them. As much of a nice guy George Wendt seems like from afar, you can see he felt so far above me that he couldn’t even peek above the table decoration so I could have him in the photo. Nice.

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