Rex or Brian? We’ll go from there

Yet another week of debate about the Chicago Bears starting quarterback. According to Lovie Smith, he doesn’t at this point know who the starter will be this Sunday in Seattle. He says they will check on Griese’s health by Wednesday or so, then “go from there.”

Smith says “go from there” a lot, if you listen to him. In my professional life, I say “let’s do A, then B “go from there” at times. But the more I hear Smith use that phrase five different times in a press conference, the less I want to use it.

I am convinced now that Grossman isn’t going to come in and save the season. As he took snaps on Sunday before relieving the injured Griese, I did get a little excited, but it was like getting ready to go to lunch with an ex-girlfriend. The relationship had its fantastic moments, and thinking about it was exciting, but in the end you realize it was never going to work out in the first place. And it’s a bummer.

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  1. Does it matter who starts? You’ve got one QB with better pocket presence, the other with a better arm. Both have proven they can make plays. Both have the wonderful talent of turning the ball over. I’m glad the anti-Grossman crowd got to see what Griese can do, which most of us football fans knew already…

  2. I fully agree. I wasn’t on board with the Grossman benching when it happened. I had to accept it, but my opinion was there was a hell of a lot of blame and bad play to spread around, so how would starting a journeyman at QB solve all the problems? And it didn’t, although Griese alternated between some real good games and some awful ones, as we all thought would happen.

    Griese would be an awesome backup if used as intended–to spell a temporary injury to a solid starter (which the Bears DON’T HAVE of course). Just like Chris Chandler in 2002 forward-he would have been great in that role too but he and Griese were never intended to step in and carry the team.

    The Bears remain as they have been since Sid Luckman, with either unreliable or extremely injury-prone starters and backups that can’t carry the team.

  3. I’m a Grossman fan, but I wasn’t against the benching. He deserved it. When he got benched, I was about as unhappy as I was since the Wanny days. Not so much that I’m a Grossman fan, but when it happened, the Bears had to start all over with the QB derby. For once, I wanted to go into the season without question at the QB position. Grossman was very inconsistent in 2006, and did have a chance to end the derby for a while. It didn’t happen. Even if he puts together some good games, I think it’s too late. The Bears probably should go another direction in the off season.

    The devil in me, though, was happy that Griese got a shot. I got tired of hearing this bs that Griese won’t make the big turnover or mistake, and we need to see what Griese can do. Of course, never mind the fact that anyone watches football, already knew what Griese could do. I also got tired of hearing this game managing bs. As I said before he went under center, Griese is prone to turnovers just like Grossman. Are you going to get on his case now? Griese was also not going to make the OL block better, Benson gain more yards, and stop the receivers from dropping balls and run their routes. I’m certainly not saying Griese is terrible, but he is what he is, a good backup. He wasn’t someone that can make a difference, especially on this team. Want an example? Look at Brett Farve. Even he had problems in 2005 and 2006 when the personnel around him wasn’t very good. Now that he has more people to throw to, he’s back to being dangerous again.

    I will say this. If there is any positive out of this season, it’s these so called Bears fans who hopped on board the last couple of seasons might go away. These people who pretend to know football drive me insane. I suffered through this team through the worst of times. It’s merely an insult to me. I’m just glad there are some real football fans still around, like yourself.

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