Rex Isn’t our Quarterback

The Chicago Bears’ starting lineup just got 100% more neck-bearded than it was entering the 2007 season, as Kyle Orton has been named the team’s starting quarterback.

Hallelujah, right? The Bears are good to go now that our quarterback of the future has been identified?

I wish Kyle the best, and of course I want the Bears to win 10 games this year and shock the world. But unfortunately to me, only a few things are clear with this. First, whether it’s Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman, Kyle Farnsworth, Calib Hanie, your neighbor’s pomeranian Rex, no matter who is behind the offensive line the Bears have fielded thus far in the preseason, they will not have the time to perform as a good quarterback.

And again, it’s another failed first-round pick at quarterback. Wait, we knew this when Grossman was benched in 2007, sorry.

Is this 1952, 1997 or 2008? We’re still saying the same thing….when is our franchise quarterback coming?

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  1. Roy — I agree. That O line was horrid. Grossman took one heck of a beating against Seattle, and while a more mobile QB might fare a bit better, I think we’ll be seeing a revolving door lining up behind center as the lack of protection keeps the injuries piling up.

    The D looked good. The special teams, once again, looked amazing. But the offense …. here we go again. The D, with the offense going 3 and out, 4 and out, whatever, will get worn out, and blocked punts and number 23 can only account for so many wins. A long season indeed.

  2. Yeah, this sucks. With an O-line like this, NOW is the time for a scrambling QB, like say, Kordell Stewart! Check this out from Wikipedia…

    “On April 29, 2008, in an interview on the WCNN 680 “The Fan”, Stewart expressed interest in returning to the NFL. Also, according to ESPN2′s First Take on July 28, 2008, Stewart is not officially retired and would like to hear from teams about making a comeback.”

    GET HIM! At least he can dance around in the pocket! SLASH, COME BACK!

  3. Seriously? Kordell Stewart? Seriously? I guess he did win us all of those Super Bowl’s when he was back in his prime. …Wait. Kyle is our quarterback. It’s time to support him.

  4. Rex fan here, but Bears fan ultimately…so I’ll be supporting Orton and hoping for the best. Kordell Stewart? Febster must be Kordell himself or an immediate relative to bring that up.

  5. Don’t forget, the Bears drafted Bobby Layne and then traded him. 57 years of incompetence.

    Why is it that when they do pick up a veteran he’s near the end of his career? (Chandler, Kreig, Stewart) $$$ that’s why.

  6. I have to say I’m 99% sure Febster put a hole in his cheek with his tongue when he wrote that. He’d have to be on acid to think that for real…

  7. Well no, I’m not serious about Kordell. I’m just bringing up the fact that an O-line like the Bears needs someone a bit more mobile than statues, Grossman and Orton. The Bears need a STARTING QB, not backups. A player that can run for his life when necessary. Otherwise, expect Hanie to be starting a game or two when the other two backups are nursing their wounds from being sacked so much. How many months in prison does Michael Vick have left?

  8. I would rather have them trade for Kurt Warner. That guy seems to be timeless after last season with the Cardinals. But what we really need to do is trade for a quarterback who is already a stud, or pick one up in free agency. We have proven that we cannot develop people. The whole Rex thing makes me sad, he looked so good in some games in 2006. Factor in the fact that Olin Kruetz was snapping him the ball (Check out Olin’s fumbled snap rate and you’ll see it isn’t too different with any other quarterback), our receivers during this era (less than stellar, Bernard Berrian sucks, I don’t care what anyone says), and the fact that Orton got to work out of the shotgun last week while Rex had to take his lumps, and last but not least our might-as-well-not-even-be-there offensive line, and the best prospect we have had in twenty some years got pissed away. Not to mention the fact that in the NFL it actually takes some quarterbacks a couple of years of starting before they settle in. “Rex is our quarterback.” Unless he f***s up once and then we will bring his job into question in front of everybody, making him super uncomfortable about his life’s future. I mean it’s not like he took us to a Super Bowl.

  9. First of all, let me start out by saying that I think the “competition” for starting QB was/is a joke. I’m not a Grossman fan per se, but it did seem to me that him and Orton were being utilized in two seperate ways. I’m not sure how you can come to a definitive evaluation in that respect but apparently the Bears did. Lovie smith stated how things “were becoming clearer”, but Orton didn’t exactly light it up in these first two preseason games. He stunk it up against the chiefs and was just decent, not great against the seahawks. I would’ve liked to have seen him play a few more series’ on saturday but you could draw the conclusion immediately that the Bears staff was protecting him.

    With all that being said, I do think Orton does deserve a chance to open the season as the starting QB and at least attempt to show the fans that he can be the guy. However, I would not be surprised at all to see Grossman starting at some point in the season. You read that here first.


    Actually, I read it here first, but I don’t know if it will be true. You know how Lovie loves to stick with quarterbacks after he names them the starter. I am torn, because I do think Orton deserves this chance, but I really don’t want to give it to him. However, I don’t think, even with a horrendous offensive line that Orton will make enough mistakes to warrant a demotion. Not to mention that I think we are going to win some ball games early in the season, which will only raise his value to the coaches and fans. I don’t think this season will be near as bad as everyone thinks.

  11. Higgins, man, I’d be happy if you turn out to be right.

  12. Me too! With what I just said, Orton will fumble snaps this year, a few of them. Look at Kruetz past and you’ll see that it really doesn’t matter who is under him.

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