Rex Grossman Sideline Demeanor

Thank you for putting my thoughts to paper, David Haugh, regarding Rex Grossman smiling or snickering on the sidelines, or seemingly not paying attention to the game, etc. It’s interesting to know from David that apparently when caught on the national TV camera, Grossman was chuckling and pointing to the Wisconsin band, who were spelling out “Nice Clipboard Rex” with their tuba covers. Now come on, that’s pretty funny. What the hell would any other normal person do that was having that fun poked at them? Get mad, or have some humility about it?

The side story here is, apparently people have been calling into sports talk radio, incensed that Grossman was shown laughing on the sidelines. Their point is he can’t possibly be prepared for the game if he has a smile on his face. What’s he supposed to do, stand at attention for three hours?

This is an issue that will apparently never go away. Way back in 1997, in the Bears’ worst season since 1974, Erik Kramer was shown laughing on the sidelines as the Bears were being trounced by the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field. Callers said the exact same things at that time, then on their old WSCR afternoon show, hosts Dan McNeil and Terry Boers lit into Kramer on the air after a practice. Kramer’s “easy pal” response was a classic, and something I’ll write more about once my 1997 Bears story is finished on

Haugh’s story is here. Lighten up, Frances. (Frances being all these people that are incensed for some reason, not Haugh, who echoes my opinion.)

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  1. People need to get over it. He’s not playing anymore. Move on and focus on the crap that is currently on the field. There is plenty to go around. People also act like he’s the worst QB to ever play for the Bears. Seriously, it’s not even close. I’m not saying he didn’t deserve to be benched. Happens all the time in sports. This is just mediots trying to fill air time since nothing else is going on during the week. God bless satellite radio.

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