Reggie Bush a Bear?

It’s just a very small blurb from a website known to stir the rumor pot.  And most of the rumors stirred in their pot never happen.  And this isn’t even a rumor….

But today makes mention of Reggie Bush’s looming contract situation, and suggests how intriguing Bush might be to Mike Martz to fill the “Marshall Faulk” role from the greatest show on turf.  Bush’s career in New Orleans may have been less than stellar to this point, but Bush’s skills do remind you of Faulk’s, don’t they?

And it’s nice to dream, even though in all likelihood it won’t happen, isn’t it?

9 Responses to “Reggie Bush a Bear?”

  1. This is stupid even for this blog…

  2. Thanks! Appreciate the compliment.

  3. It will be interesting to see how his contract with the Saints shakes out, especially after the year Pierre Thomas had. I guess my question would be: Where do you plug him in? Forte is a pretty good slot receiver, but Bush is faster…. who knows. The 2010 Bears will be interesting to watch to say the least, at least for the first few games.

    xFIB: Way to contribute some well thought out insight!

  4. Money isn’t an issue according to JA, right? I can’t wait for the draft. At least by then most of this free agency talk will be settled. We will know if this team really wants to win by the end of March.

  5. Unfortunately, I think money is always an issue for the Bears…lol. I don’t expect the Bears to make a big splash and get impact players from the free agency pool unless they come cheap. We’ll have to see how crafty JA gets about picking up some more draft picks and using what he has wisely…. but we all know how well that’s worked out the last few years…..

  6. Regarding the draft and free agency, I just hope to God we come out of it with a guard and a free safety. I know JA still thinks that his amazing safety pickups in Kevin Payne, Al Afalava and Craig Steltz are going to pan out, but come on. If we go into 2010 with any of these guys starting, forget about how good or bad the offense does because it’s not going to matter.

  7. Agreed, the secondary is the biggest question mark. I really thought Payne had a lot of potential, but he just wasn’t all that impressive in ’09….. maybe if he started wearing the neck pad again…

  8. Our defense is old and our scheme is outdated. With Marinelli now the official DC, look for more of the same in 2010 – i.e. no different than the last two years. I’m just gonna skip over next year and start looking forward to 2011, lol.

  9. yea or secondary was HORRENDOUS. And forte needs a o-line to support him. This past year was prove of that. I want to see the bears pick up Vicnet Jackson or Merrmain.. but i dobut if jerry will spend that kind of money.. We have very few draft picks and 0 number 1 picks.. So dont except much from the draft… If the bears plan to competitve they need to bring their check books.. FA is our draft…This next year could be the last for lovie , he really screwed himself by going all out with jay.. He left us with no chance for a decent 2010 year really.. A number 1 draft pick 2nd rounder and a 3rd draft pick the sadly didnt work out. that leaves us with sloppy 4ths… We need to draft a OT or FS. as for reggie bush this not going to happen.. It a teasing rumor but that is all..

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