Record-Breaking Holdout

That was quick. Devin Hester is back. Two days, $30,000 in fines, same contract.

Way to go, Devin.

2 Responses to “Record-Breaking Holdout”

  1. He made a point, didn’t he? You show them Devin? Is this guy one of the least intelligent people out there, or what?

  2. The holdout was just a move to let them know he was serious. Him and his agent got mad because Jerry Angelo wasn’t taking them serious and wanted to get a little media coverage to make the Bears management get something done. Even Jerry Angelo said that he didn’t think Hester’s agent was serious when he “floated the idea out there”. I am sorry, but that statement alone is enough to show everyone that Mr. Angelo wasn’t really trying to finish negotiations. When you are dealing with an professional agent, they don’t just “float” ideas out there. Devin wanted to get a deal closed because he felt he deserved it, which he did, and wanted to get it done before training camp, so he wouldn’t have to worry about it and learning a new position. Jerry didn’t take it seriously. Devin spent $30,000 making him see that it was serious to him(which in reality, he will probably not have to pay). They struck a deal, and I get to watch my man 23 soulja boy in the endzone for a few more years. Rookie contracts = settled. Veteran contract issues = settled. Let’s play some football!!!

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