Recent Bears News

As if everyone hasn’t heard all this by now, here’s a rundown of Bears news since the NFC Championship loss.

Richard “The Colonel” Dent finally has made the Pro Football Hall of Fame on the seventh occasion he was a finalist.  It’s about time, I thought it was a shame to see guys like John Randle, Derrick Thomas and Fred Dean make it before him.  I still have not seen a conclusive story outlining how exactly Dent got his nickname, but I always thought it was because he “Only did one thing right” (rush the passer), like Colonel Sanders.

According to John Mullin of CSN Chicago, the Bears will be releasing running back Chester Taylor, who pocketed $7 million in his one season here.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t head back to Minnesota; he was always lethal coming in behind Adrian Peterson.

I knew that William “the Refrigerator” Perry had problems, but I had no idea they were this bad.  What a shame.  Best of luck to William.  If you haven’t seen the article, please read it, it’s an extremely well-written piece on a sad subject.

Apparently the Bears are denying the Tennessee Titans’ request to interview Mike Tice for their offensive coordinator opening, according to Brad Biggs of the Tribune.

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