Pro Bowl Announcement Tonight 5 p.m.

Having a hard time thinking of anything fresh to say about Sunday’s matchup at Green Bay.  Huge game with the second seed in the playoffs on the line, but at the same time, the Bears still have a home playoff game and the division championship no matter what happens.

I’ve been wondering when the 2010 Pro Bowl rosters will be announced; seems that in previous years this happened in early December, and here we are with only four days left in the year.  Turns out the announcement will be tonight at 5 p.m. central on NFL Network.

Money is on Brian Urlacher, Julius Peppers and Devin Hester making it from the Bears.  I’ve been thinking all along that Peppers would not make the squad because he hasn’t made enough “flashy” plays, even though I’d bet there hasn’t been a more unsung hero of a defense in the league.

We’ll see tonight.

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  1. I love NFL football but these Pro Bowls and All Star games are all a big sham now. They should just get rid of them and announce all-pro players and not have the game. I like that they moved the Pro Bowl to the off week before the Super Bowl, but I still forget about it every year. Go Bears!

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