Pretty Bleak Monday, Eh?

That was one of the most depressing Mondays after a resounding 31-20 Bears victory that I can remember.  First we learn that Jay Cutler will be out at least six weeks.  And experts say they think the Bears are full of it on the six week prediction.

Then we learn that iron man longsnapper Patrick Mannelly is out for the season with a torn ACL.

I do have faith in new Bears starter Caleb Hanie.  I don’t know that I would were it not for his strong performance in the NFC Championship game last year.  However, a couple of things outside of Hanie make me a bit more nervous than does the mere fact that he’s the starter.

Lovie Smith has already stated repeatedly that the defense and running game will need to step up, and this is obvious.  But unfortunately the running game has started to slow down the last few weeks, with the team needing Cutler’s arm to throw them to victory.  It seems to me that teams were trying even harder to stop Matt Forte and force the Bears to pass themselves to victory.  And they did.  Will they be able to with Hanie?

One thing I kind of missed in Sunday’s triumph was that the defensive line was practically nonexistent, even against a remarkably questionable Charger offensive line.  Dan Pompei elaborates.  So this isn’t the kind of play we’re going to have to see from the defense-far from it.

I have faith in Hanie.  Kind of scares me, though, that we heard a similar kind of faith in Jonathan Quinn in 2004.  Let’s hope the jersey number remains the only thing those two passers have in common.

3 Responses to “Pretty Bleak Monday, Eh?”

  1. Even if Caleb Hanie plays well, he’s in the last year of his contract. Will the Bears pay top dollar to re-sign him? Doubt it.

  2. He hasn’t done anything to earn top dollar yet. If he plays well through the end of the year, he could cement his place as a reliable back-up here and earn a commensurate salary. Or he could test the waters as a free agent, having compiled a small body of work to show other teams his abilities. I think any other team would probably be looking to bring him in as a back-up as well, or at best, offer him the POSSIBILITY to compete for a starting position, depending on who the incumbent is. Cutler’s injury is very unfortunate. With that being said, I am looking forward to seeing how the team, as a whole, responds. I have liked Hanie from day one — I think he has a strong arm and good mobility, and I liked what he did in the championship game last year. Football, like life, doesn’t always go as planned. We must move forward (as usual) as Bear fans … hope for the best but prepare for the worst. GO BEARS!

  3. I felt horrible about it yesterday, but I feel much better today for some reason. I think Hanie can play, and I can’t wait to see what he does with a whole week of prep under his belt. I’m not expecting the moon, but I think he’ll surprise some people. If he plays well I’ll bet he gets a starting gig somewhere else next season for decent money…a little less than Cassel and Schaub signed originally.

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