Preseason 2012: Broncos-Bears

If any Chicago Bears fans are concerned about their team’s ugly 31-3 preseason-opening loss to Denver, remember that the Packers lost too. And despite the Packers’ vaunted offense played poorly, Green Bay players reminded their fans that it’s only the preseason.

It was hard for me to find many, if any, positives from the Broncos loss. Perhaps it was Shea McClellin’s hustling sack of Caleb Hanie (now a Bronco), or Alshon Jeffery’s (or “Jefferies” as so many call him) solid performance as a rookie receiver.

There was absolutely nothing good to see from the Bears’ starting units, which were missing Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Brian Urlacher and Julius Peppers. Backup quarterback and running back Jason Campbell and Michael Bush opened the game and did nothing but look confused and fumble the ball (in Bush’s case).

But it was the first preseason game. And despite yet another injury to safety Major Wright (hamstring), the Bears came out healthy.

One thing I did notice immediately was the change in the 2012 Chicago Bears uniform-the numbers are now on the shoulder pads instead of the sleeves for the first time. To me this gives a starkly different look. Not a negative, but definitely a change.

3 Responses to “Preseason 2012: Broncos-Bears”

  1. McClellin & Jeffery were very impressive last night, hopefully they can improve even more next Sat. Outside of those two guys, though, just brutal. Hope it gets better, already looking forward to next Sat’s game.

  2. Remember how terrible the Bears looked in the 2006 and 2010 preseason? In the third game of 2007, the Bears first string offense played the entire half and scored 31 points. We all saw what happened in those seasons. I barely watched the first quarter. I wasn’t expecting much, especially with the weather.

  3. JDM, and of course the 1-3 preseason in 1985! Agreed.

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