Preseason 2009 Complete

The Chicago Bears finished the 2009 preseason 3-1 after beating the Cleveland Browns 26-23.  Time to get ready for Green Bay, who surely will provide a huge test for the Bears defense.

Tainting the Bears victory were injuries to running back Kevin Jones and starting corner Zackary Bowman, who had just come back from an injured hamstring.  Bowman intercepted a pass on the first play of the game, and I thought “Man we need this guy, but when will get get hurt next?”  My question was answered on the second series of the game when one could visibly see Bowman pull up with a re-injured hamstring on a play in which he wasn’t even involved.

Mike Mulligan writes that the game revealed that the Bears still have flaws.  Granted, yes, but at least we know one of the flaws isn’t at the quarterback position as usual.

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  1. The Chicago Bears are going to start the 2009 season with many of their starting DB’s injured or recovering from injury.
    This does not bode well for a team that was often dissected by a mediocre quarterback last year. With the preseason out of the way, it is time to look at the Bears greatest strengths and weaknesses.
    Strengths: Linebackers, mildly improved defensive line (thanks to the intense teaching of Rod Marinelli), Lovie Smith as D.C., and Jay Cutler.
    Weakness: Defensive Backs, D.B’s, corners, and C.B.’s
    What does it matter how well the QB play is if the other team is guaranteed a completion on EVERY deep or intermediate route? Hell, the Bears will be lucky to have Jay Cutler on the field. You have Peanut Tillman visibly growing rust, Nate Vasher went from the Interceptor to “never there” (meaning where the pass is). The worst thing they could have done was send his pumpkin-orange jersey to Canton because I believe that is where the Interceptor hid his pass-hawking super powers. You have Zack Bowman on the field for approximately 5 minutes and he bumbles around with a suspicious “hammy” limp.
    I will stop my rant long enough to say this. The safeties are a huge question mark. I verily believe there is talent there, but of the unproven variety.
    The corner backs are very weak (from what I have seen).
    Unless the D-line can run through the opposing O-line the way a child runs through a yard sprinkler. The Bears are going to get shredded in the secondary.
    Who knows Rowdy Roddy Hood may be the answer, but I do not think so.
    I still see the Bears being a good team but the defensive stats will be horrific.
    Cheers for a week one opening game final score of Bears 72 Packers 63

  2. Wow, probably also the field will go up in flames, Soldier field will burn to the ground, all of the McCaskey’s will get swine flu, and the holy grave of George Halas will be unearthed and robbed, completing a total Bears Apocalypse!! Do not give in to the b.s. The improved pass rush will improve the secondary. I am excited about Zach Bowman! Once he gets used to the backpedalling that Jon Hoke makes his secondary do, he will be fine. Last year people were calling for a total collapse with us winning at most four games. We went 9-7 and lost three of the games by 3 points or less, and another game by a Rashied Davis drop in the endzone. We will be very good this year.

  3. The bears secoundry will be fine. The main reason last year was no pass rush. As long as we can put pressuer on the quaterback we will get some turn overs. The office will be a power house this year. I am hoping Al Aflava turns in to another Mike Brown befor the injuries. Go Bears

  4. Totally agree w/ guiseppe: It doesn’t really matter who plays in the secondary if there is no pass rush. A good rush will make everything better. Oh and don’t count on seeing Tillman for another 3 weeks or so, that’s my feeling anyways. Their saying Bowman just had a tight hamstring, but that’s probably to make the Pack think he might play, I say he doesn’t play for another 2-3 weeks as well. Hopefully I’m wrong on both.

  5. Il agree Perno that “it doesn’t really matter who plays in the secondary if there is no pass rush”; but let’s imagine for a while that we proudly possess a pass rush, then it starts to matter who plays in the secondary; and so far we look shaky. But then you’re right: they shouldn’t be as exposed as last year and hopefully we will look decent. I just don’t expect lots of three and outs or interceptions.
    Will Tillman ever be “ready to go” before Bowman lands on injury reserve? Will Vanishing Vasher ever re-appear? We’re going to need strong support from our safeties. And can AP get the job done as the Number 2 if Forte should go down?
    Man this is going to be exciting. Go Bears!

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