Poor Kyle

At this point, just how many mainstream media stories have there been about Jay Cutler’s return to Denver, and the first meeting of the two quarterbacks that were traded for each other?  Are we done yet?

But in reading this article, I have just one thought.  Poor Kyle.  Poor Kyle.  (Is that 2?)  Seriously, I just don’t see how this can end up working out for Orton and the Broncos.  Orton has thrown 5 interceptions in the preseason and been booed vociferously by Denver fans.

I really like Kyle.  I have a USA Today sports page cover from 2005 hanging in the Chicago Bears bar featuring Orton and the resurgence of the Bears, and it brings back great memories.  But I’m sure glad we were on this side of this deal.

3 Responses to “Poor Kyle”

  1. kyle will be missed by bears fans. the guy was a good solid QB a good community guy and its hard not to root for a guy like that. kyle you will be missed and bears fans should thank you for leading the team while you were here.

  2. Truthfully I miss Rexy more than Kyle. If Kyle stops throwing INT’s then maybe they’ll stop booing. Rexy can tell him all about that.

  3. i hated rexy, i hated rexy when he played for florida… always just seemed lost to me

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