Playoff Train Derailed

I am rarely overly optimistic about the Bears. To me, that just comes with the territory when you’ve been a fan for 33 years. But today, I told one of the vendors at Soldier Field that I felt confident that they would win today.

That, my friends and fellow fans, is exactly why I’m rarely overly optimistic about the Bears.

All I can say about today’s game is:

Matt Forte knee injury.
Extreme fluke of a hail mary pass is the only touchdown Kansas City needs.
Bears 0-11 on third down.
Chief defense enters the game with 13 sacks, then records seven on the day against the Bears.
Roy Williams turns tying touchdown into interception. I’ll say it again, RELEASE Roy Williams.

Two weeks ago the Bears were 7-3, their offense was clicking, and the top wildcard seed seemed very likely. Then our star quarterback was hurt. One loss at Oakland to an improving Raider team, with backup Caleb Hanie getting better in the second half, we thought was an aberration. Now the Bears are down to 7-5, and the most optimistic thing I can say is that unless we see a totally different Hanie, one that is an average NFL backup, the Bears might only win one more game this season.

Jerry Angelo has liked to repeat over and over that in the NFL, if you have a high-priced starting quarterback, you don’t have the money to bring in a known commodity for a backup. I question whether that’s true when the Bears played in 2011 with a $19 million surplus.

But I’ll say this to Jerry: you reap what you sow.

7 Responses to “Playoff Train Derailed”

  1. see previous comments. re: Caleb, I think we all drank too much kool-aid on his capabilities, and what his did last Jan. I really can’t find much of anything I really like about his approach.

    If we can’t beat a crap ass team like this, much less score a TD, then we don’t even deserve to be in playoff consideration, simple as that. KC is a terrible team, and terribly coached at that, so I don’t know what that really says about us either.

  2. Caleb Hanie reminds me of Mike Tomczak. Unlike most other Bear QB busts, Hanie and Tomczak are both undrafted walkons who had years to develop. I guess the same could also be said of Shane Matthews.

  3. I was absolutely disgusted by Sunday’s game. I’ve been a fan for 27 years and I have never been so disappointed by the Chicago Bears. Like you said, such high hopes at 7-3 and now 7-5 with 9-7 looking out of reach? What the h happened? I couldn’t agree more, Roy Williams needs to be released before Sunday’s game in Denver. At least you’ll save some money on a plane ticket and hotel room. The guy is an embarrassment to professional football players! Has there ever been a man 6’4″ and 230 lbs who was a bigger p—y than Roy Williams? I was mad when I heard they signed him, but thought “Well ok, he’ll improve the WR squad!” WRONG!!! I think he’s made them WORSE! Is it too late to get Rashied Davis back?? Where’s Dez White? Urlacher, why didn’t you just knock that ball into the ground, like I’ve seen you do before? I get it. He had the perfect position to catch it and probably thought, “If I catch it, no one else will.” Which is true, but look what happened… Now on a normal day, no big deal! They got a miracle Hail Mary TD pass before halftime to bring them to 10 points, which was all they would score the entire game. But that was more than our Bears scored the entire game! That is inexcusable! Marion Barber, bro learn where to line up. I hate to say this but Hanie is no NFL QB. He just isn’t. I know he’s only started 2 games but dude has been around for 4 years. I’m still going to watch the rest of the games this year, and my wife and I are still going to the game in Minnesota(all of a sudden not looking like a game we can win) and pull hard for our team. But damn if I’m not a little heart-broken today. I didn’t even want to talk about it at work today. Pretty sad when a grown man feels so beat down when his favorite football team loses. LOL! Hang in there guys & of course, BEAR DOWN!!!

  4. Shaun, I like it-absolutely disgusted. Mirrors my thoughts.

  5. Roy, I agree with you except for last statement about the backup QB. As Bears fans, we aren’t used to a franchise QB. But, what would you rather done? There are not even 32 QBs good enough to start in the league, let along backups that can fill in well. Hell, WASH didn’t want our boy Rex starting, but he ended up winning the job, got benched, and got his job back. Why? Because the guy behind him was that much worse. Backups consist of crappy vets, has beens or never was, or unproven young players. And, if a QB is a border line starter (aka like Orton, who is a FA), he is going to sign somewhere where he can compete for a starters job. It sucks we are in this situation, but it’s the reality of the NFL. The QB wasn’t THE problem on Sunday, he was just part of it.

  6. And to add to the above, I’m not defending Angelo by any means. I think he had a terrible off season, and should’ve been fired three years ago. But, can anyone even name Drew Brees’ or Tom Brady backup? I can’t…

  7. Dices absolutely didn’t roll in our favor in this game:
    Take three plays back (dropped TD pass, missed FG, hail mary bounce) and it’s a 13-3 win for the Bears.
    Take two plays back and it’s a 13-10 or 10-3 win for the Bears.
    Take one play back and it’s still a 10-10 tie and still a chance for a win in OT for the Bears.
    If Hanie stays in the “pocket” a little more an dwe get a little luck, I believe we still have a chance.
    Now, I’ll be rooting for Carolina and Minnesota on Sunday.

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