Phil Emery Introduced as Bears’ GM

Like the decision or not, Phil Emery is here as the new General Manager of the Chicago Bears.

Not that there is anything not to like immediately. Change always brings hope. Emery says his goal is to win championships. As undoubtedly Jerry Angelo said in 2004, and what Michael McCaskey said in 1993 after firing Mike Ditka and assuming the reigns as the defacto GM.

I watched today’s press conference. He bobbed and weaved a bit in the beginning (Angelo looked as if he was striding atop an unbalanced tramp steamer in his initial conference). I was glad to hear far fewer uncomfortable cliches from Emery than usually came from his awkward predecessor.

For anyone else that watched the conference-am I the only one that detected a bit of Lumburgh in Emery? Was it just his overuse of the “umm-kay”? Time will tell.

And only time will tell as to Emery and the Bears’ success on his watch. I can only like what I see so far and be hopeful. Emery says the Bears will fill the talent gap between his roster and that of the Green Bay Packers.

If not Phil, look out, someone has already registered the domain

4 Responses to “Phil Emery Introduced as Bears’ GM”

  1. Hopefully he brings in a lot of help for the offense, especially a big-time WR or 2. I will be interested in his draft strategy: Does he go w/ the best player available or draft for need? There are a few holes on this roster that absolutely need impact players, whether it’s through free agency, the draft or trades.

  2. Tramp steamer! Love the John Drummond reference! Long live the bulldog!

  3. Knew you’d like that Dave. I’ll continue to use that clip every single chance I get. Every time I watch it I laugh like crazy.

  4. Yeah I watched it again yesterday! It has to be the greatest live news shot in Chicago history.

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