Pat Kirwin on the McCaskey Reality


In a very interesting tidbit, among a lot of interesting tidbits that come out of Brad Biggs’ Blog, yesterday a post described something Pit Kirwin said Tuesday on Sirius Radio.

Kirwin, who claims to be long time friend with Bears’ GM Jerry Angelo, told a caller that Angelo has told him of at least one occasion where he was frustrated that ownership would not give him the money to sign a player he wanted.

Looks like Biggs did a great job trying to ask Kirwin, Angelo and others for comment, but they wouldn’t.  This indirect admission from Angelo flies in the face of the party line that the McCaskeys would never refuse to open the purse strings to sign a player the GM identified as critical to winning.

The possibility exists that Kirwin may have been embellishing some based on the old party line that “the McCaskeys are cheap”.  Certainly in the 1980′s before there was a salary cap, Mike McCaskey let legendary players leave instead of paying them what they were worth (see Wilber Marshall and Willie Gault).  But since the salary cap, I have been the first to admit by appearances the McCaskeys have always spent the money.  They just haven’t spent it wisely.

But this, if true, puts a whole different spin on things.

As Biggs’ blog post states, there is no way of knowing what player they were talking about.  My guess, and it’s nothing more than a guess because I’m a not-so-brave-or-intelligent blogger, is that it may have been Javon Kearse in 2004.  In that situation, the Bears got out of the bidding once it got ridiculous.  And I’m glad they did, because the Eagles would love to have the money they gave to Kearse back.

Interesting tidbits.  Great work by Biggs.

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  1. David Boise, Id on March 15th, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    Can Mark Cuban buy the Bears?

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