Panther One-Liners

Interesting, no juicy stories from the Chicago media yet on how Chris Harris, safety given away to the Panthers by the Bears in 2007, has been a phenomenal addition for Carolina.  Must be waiting for Friday.  Here are today’s stories.

Lovie says “hopefully there will be a big improvement [with the Bears] from game one to game two.”

Panther head coach John Fox won’t say whether he will kick to Devin Hester.

Defensive tackle Anthony Adams is apparently livid about his demotion before Sunday night’s game. “I have no idea why it happened,” he says. How about because when healthy, Dusty Dvoracek is a terror?

Defensive end Adawale Ogunelye was named NFC Defensive Player of the week for his effort.

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  1. One thing’s for certain, I would give anything to see Brown, Payne, or Manning really nail and knock Muhammad out. Just so that for a brief second he might feel like he went to Carolina to die. If he had performed better for the Bears, I wouldn’t care, but to have the type of seasons he had with countless of dropped passes and then make a remark like he did about Chicago, I hope he gets what should be coming to him. I realize the Bears have had a revolving door with QBs, but he underachieved the entire time he was here.

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