Packers Favored by Three

As I expected, the oddsmakers have the Green Bay Packers favored by three points over the Bears for Monday Night’s game.  Considering that the home team normally gets three for being at home, they actually think the Packers should be favored by 6.

It’s going to be a long week of thinking about the upcoming matchup.  Initially I just have to say, let’s remember that while the Bears lost 2 to the Packers in 2009, they were both very close games.  And which team improved more in the offseason?  I don’t recall the Packers making many major moves other than drafting Bryan Bulaga.  They also lost their top running back and second cornerback.

Just saying.

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  1. I’ve heard oddsmakers are usually from places like Wisconsin and Texas and follow the general opinion.
    Green Bay can’t run. So far the bears play the run well and they are at home. Forte and Taylor will get some room to run after the Cutler air show we’ve seen.
    My guess is a couple big plays will get the bears on top by three or four points, minimum.

  2. This is such an iffy game, I’d hate to get too excited. I’m hoping Julius Peppers makes Aaron Rodgers cry and the Bears come out on top. We’ll see. Is Green Bay’s o-line as horrible as they were last year?

  3. No the Packers O-Line is not as bad as it was last year which brings me to my point, unless Julius Peppers can create pressure on Rodgers I think it could be tough for Chicago to contain Green Bay’s potent passing attack. I see a close game but unless Peppers has a big game I think the Bears will struggle to keep the lead in this one, as the Packers D will create problems for Cutler no question (Clay Mattews). Close game, but I don’t think the oddsmakers are crazy GB takes it 30-27

  4. I think the Bears will win a close game. My reason is that Lovie Smith has always prepared the team well to take on the Packers (yes, they lost both games last year, but not by much). Aerial fireworks are to be expected from both offenses – but sometimes when “shootouts” are anticipated, the opposite happens. Win or lose, this is a very good test for the Bears. After a dismal preseason, a lucky win over the Lions, and a strong showing against a possibly overrated Dallas team, this Monday night matchup will tell us if our boys are serious contenders.

    Many highly-touted NFC teams have struggled early (Vikings, Cowboys). Even the Saints needed a batch of turnovers and a last-second field goal to escape the stubborn 49ers. So maybe the Bears are in the hunt.

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