Packers at Bears 2010

We believed.  They did it.  We did it.  Tonight the Chicago Bears beat the Green Bay Packers 20-17, despite the national media having already elevated them as Super Bowl champs as of about mid-August.

So now the Bears have beat two of the sweetheart Super Bowl picks in the Cowboys and Packers, and are now the only undefeated team in the NFC. I got picked on a little bit for believing that my team would win it, but I believed, and they did it. It’s great to believe again.

Now please share your happy thoughts too!

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  1. Great win! Ugly win…but a great win! I hope the Bears can take it to the reeling Giants now to be 4-0.

    Remember how I said with a 0-4 preseason we’d be the opposite of the 2008 Lions (who went 4-0 in preseason and 0-16 in the regular season)…We’ll we’re a 3-0…only 13 more wins to go to be 16-0! lol…I know very unlikely to happen.

  2. I love how the experts are trying to save face by saying this was an anomoly and giving the Bears virtually no credit (Don Banks, Steve Young). Heaven forbid their precious Packers aren’t as great as they think they are. And I cannot wait for the rematch – that little “I got the belt” gesture by Rodgers after he scored will not be forgotten.

  3. Great plays on all phases! Great play-calling, no all-out exposed blitzes. Packers holding penalties all over the place; did the Bears make the packers nervous or what?
    To me, +6 virtual points for Chicago (missed FG, going for it unsuccessfully on 4th).
    No injuries, only one interception for Cutler, a little luck on fumble recoveries. Omiyale still looked bad again though (at least on one play).
    Feels great to be atop the NFC!

  4. 3-0 feels fantastic, I can’t believe they beat the Packers. The next 5 or so games are very winnable, and if the Vikings fall apart then the next 6 games are very winnable. 9-0 is not just a dream boys and girls. I hate to look too far ahead because the Bears could implode, but hey it’s fun for now. Bear Down!

    Oh and I hope the media keeps talking crap about the Bears, it’s working!

  5. Yeah should keep on working: that joker Lombardi just wrote on : “On Monday night, the Packers dominated the Bears and clearly were the better team”.

  6. Great to see us win this game. Things didn’t look good for long stretches but we hung in there. Can’t stand the Packers or Rodgers, and it was alarming though not unexpected to see how easily he cut through our defense picking up yards at will. But in the only category that matters, their long drives failed to pick up points more often than not. This performance really did look like the old bend but don’t break defense, including the timely takeway with the fumble at the end.

    Cutler again took some real hard shots but hung in there and made some nice plays but he also got bailed out on a couple of picks that were called back. The only thing I’d say that left me dumbfounded was putting the ball up for grabs to Bennett at the end where they got bailed with the pass interfernce after another pick. We were in outer fringe FG range with a manageable yardage situation, but although he put the ball right to Bennett and he got hammered, that was into double coverage and to me was a huge risk taking that shot there, but luckily it worked out.

    Not surprisingly in the postgame most of the ESPN clowns gave the Bears very little credit for hanging tough and winning a close game and instead basically said the Packers gave it away with all the penalties. Part of that may be true, but that’s part of football. You can’t make excuses for everything when you lose.

  7. Yeah well ESPN clowns will and do.

    How many games in the past have the Bears lost because of penalties and stupid mistakes? While its a game the Packers could have won, when you only put up 17 points on a bunch of very long drives…obviously the other teams defense is doing something right.

  8. Urlacher and Briggs are playing their asses off — how great would it be to see both of them make it to the Pro Bowl this year? The strip and fumble recovery were absolutely amazing and could not have come at a better time. I can’t believe we are 3 – 0! I didn’t think so during the preseason, but the potential is there to really have a great season. Hopefully we can pull together and play a little tighter against the Giants and get a more resounding win. Go Bears!!!

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