Packers 37, Bears 3: Embarassment

If you listen to Lovie Smith speak, you’ll notice he says “and we’ll go from there” a lot.  Like every day, every time he is asked to speak, he ends his comments by saying “we’ll go from there.”

After the 37-3 annhilation loss at Green Bay today, Smith said “Sometimes it happens like this, and you give the other team credit and go from there.”

Where exactly are we going from here?  Does anyone know?

The offense today was completely ineffective, obviously, but that’s not what lost the game.  What lost this game was that the Chicago Bears defense continues to look worse and worse and worse every week.  Not only did they get shredded through the air as has been par for the course this year, they also coughed up 200 yards rushing.

Much of this defense got paid fat contracts in the offseason, based on past performance.  Now they’re not performing.  After today, they have to be ranked close to last in the 32-team NFL overall.

The Packers were laughing at you, Bears players.  The TV showed them….laughing about how easy it was to dismantle the defense of the NFC North division leaders.  The defense of the players and coaches that were petulant this week: how dare the media and fans that don’t know anything question their schemes and performance.

Hopefully soon, Lovie will tell us exactly where he thinks we’re going from here.  To me, I don’t think it’s up.

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  1. Meh, call me crazy, but I still think the Bears will win the division. Of course, I’m basing that for the fact they will win by default. As for Lovie, he never tells you anything no matter what the situation. I wouldn’t take his words seriously.

  2. WHAT THE F!@#$%u$%#@!@$^$@#!^$#!@^$@#!!@$^$@#!??????????

  3. all the players injured last year are healthy (brown, dusty, vasher, payne, graham). they are running out of excuses. if the coaches cannot take advantage of the “talent” they have (using whatever scheme), then they shouldn’t be here

  4. One word to describe the Bears performance against the Packers:


    As a Bear player or a coach, if you can’t get motivated to give an all-out effort against the Packers, you don’t deserve to wear the uniform.

  5. I dont know if anyone listened to The Score postgame show, but Doug and OB were really going off on the Bears coaching staff. The coaching staff doesnt have a clue, and they are basically letting this season get away from the Bears. If the players havent already, they will give up soon and no longer care to work in this broken defensive scheme. Play calling on offense is not any better.

  6. Today was a disgrace, but Chicago should still win the division because Minnesota and Green Bay have harder schedules. Come on – Chicago will dismantle the Rams next week while the Packers will lose Monday night. Every team needs a wake up call sometimes. The NY Giants lost by 4 touchdowns to GB in the regular season at home last year — but in playoffs won on the road. So we will move on and support the team. Of course, Lovie and others better do their job and motivate!

  7. As female that has been raised a Bears fan( for the past 30 yrs), I thought I had seen some disappointment through the late 80′s and 90′s. But todays game was up there in the top 10. We have run out of excuses, and the team knows it. When Brian Urlacher was interviewed on Chicago Comsast he couldn’t even look up,i’m assuming out of shame. But it shouldn’t all fall on him. The only two memorable plays were Urlacher’s interception ( which is par for the course that we didn’t capitalize on), and that MONSTER hit by Brown. What was up with the rest of the D. They thought the problem was Ron Turner and now we have a new d coach and still nothing, the comonality Lovie, who still thinks like nothing but a defensive coach. Maybe its time for a change. Grossman is not the problem he has been the only solution so for.

  8. PATHETIC!!! Seems to be the common word used for the play of the Bears yesterday at Lambeau and was the only thought I could muster yesterday as I stood in Lambeau and watched 60 minutes of a horse manure effort put in by the beloved Bears. This team is quickly becoming not so beloved because their HEART is in question. The coaches game plan was pathetic! The effort by the players was pathetic! I am pathetic for buying into this garbage. As a season ticket holder I shouldn’t be called a fair weather fan, as I invest/spend my money each year to watch, support and yell for my team. However, I’ve had it and I’m done! The ownership is pathetic! The current coaching staff has been pathetic for the bulk of its tenure in Chicago! The players have fallen into the deadly sin of a professional athlete’s world and bought into their own hype. When this happens the athlete stops working as though they haven’t arrived and teams with more hungry players whop their ass! All of this adds up to PATHETIC and I’ll be staying home and watching/evaluating the Bears for the remainder of the season to determine if my hard earned money will be spent on their product going forward! How pathetic is it that it has even gotten to this point? Simply put, its terribly PATHETIC!!!

  9. This loss just seems to hurt more since it comes at the hands of Pack. I wouldn’t mind so terribly if they were on the road and got blown out by the Giants or Pats, teams that we know are better than the Bears. But the Pack is not better. They had a determined effort to run the ball and the Bears seemed to rest on their reputation in stopping the run. An attitude of “how DARE they even try to run on us!” Well they did, thanks to some poor tackling and players not finding their gaps. As far as the coaching goes, it seemed as if they really had no game plan going in. “We’ll head up to Lambeau and just see how it goes” is the impression I was left with concerning their plan (or lack thereof) in beating GB. The only positive thing you can take away from this is now they have the best motivation for beating GB in Soldier Field on MNF in front of a national audience. REVENGE!

  10. As long as we’re throwing around one word descriptions of the game I’d like to chime in: VOMIT.

    That’s all I can muster. It was SO bad.

  11. Pathetic is right. What a joke and waste of my time. I’m embarrased to say that I’m a Bears fan. Losing doesn’t bother me that much, give a couple of hours and i’m over it. When it looks like they are not trying, now that bothers me. I’m starting to think, that it would be better to go to 2 yr contracts, because those inflated contracts they are dishing out is concerning me. Do they really care if they win as long as they get paid?


    Payne – jeeze a saftey should be able to make open field tackels and perform well in zone coverage. Payne doesn’t put D. Manning back in.

    D line – Lets just hang the secondary out to dry, I could pass all over that secondary if you give me 4+ seconds every passing play

    D Coaching – WHAT A JOKE, you’re pros find a way to fix it. Throw the kitchen sink every f****** down if you have to.

    O Line – We have one of the best RB’s in the NFC. How about you give him a chance. He is not Benson, he won’t tiptoe through the holes. But there actually has to be a hole for him to run in.

    Forte/Olson/Hester/Orton – Sorry boyz, no doubt you would be great under a real coaching staff (TB, PIT, NE, PHI, etc)

    Lovie – You have to tuck your pride away. IF IT DOESNT WORK, FIX IT. Don’t just keep trying the same strategies hoping for execution. You are playing against professionals, not pop warner. These people actually get paid to find holes that even execution can not fill.

  12. Glad to see everyone is as incensed as I am. Nothing we can do about it but complain, unfortunately. It’s one thing when your team gets beat, but when the offending players all just got big raises and it smacks of lack of effort, that’s what is so damn frustrating. Or if it’s the scheme/coaching, knowing that the head coach would rather sacrifice victories for maintaining his scheme, is maddening.

  13. Not since the days of Avalini have I watched such a performance. Nothing, not ONE THING was good. The Coaching especially sucked (sorry Lovie but what the hell was that bullshit?). Defense sucked. Offense sucked. Special teams sucked. Did the Lions play two games yesterday at the same time?

    Honestly, the Packers really didn’t play that well. The Bears just sucked ass that much…

    Worst Bears game I’ve ever seen… and that is saying something.

  14. Interesting- Ron Rivera is the DC and we have the #2 and #5 defense in ’05 and ’06 respectively. So Lovie pushes him out of town.

    Lovie brings in Babich, then we have #28 defense last year and now #20, which is only getting worse. How come the media is not holding Lovie’s feet to the fire when he said “Trust me” last year with Babich’s hiring?

    And I wish all the “stars” on the defense, ala Tommie Harris, Brian Urlacher, and Lance Briggs would just grow up. Seriously, if I have to watch Brian Urlacher act like a pouty little baby during postgame interviews, I’m going to burn my #54 jersey. At exactly what time did he decide to be a prick?

    This team is headed for 7-9 at best. And just like last year, we are going to constantly hear Lovie say “it’s a 6 game season…a 5 game season…blah blah blah.” I’ve seen more colorful demeanor in a crayola crayon. Yikes.

  15. As a bears fan I must say 2006 seems like so far from the present. First off!!! they took the best return man (D.Hester) in the game today out of his game by trying to do to much with him and now you want to bench him for who!!! D. Manning (Yeah Right!) he just sucks all around. Oh WoW!!!! Must I get started on the play of Tillman & Vasher where do I began with those 2. They don’t have not one decent receiver, I mean like every pass was to Olson vs Packers. Give me a break dude! What kind of game plan is that? To go along with that Forte doesn’t have any help. Its like he’s out there by himself with no back up RB and no “O Lineman.” Babich and Turner must go or we’re in for another HIBERNATION people.

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