Pace, Marshall, Olsen

Catching up on a plethora of Bears news.

On Monday the Bears released veteran OT Orlando Pace.  Nice knowing you Orlando, but I kind of which this move came in the middle of the 2009 season instead of now.

Neal Hayes writes that there is buzz around the NFL that Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall will be in a Bears uniform by training camp.  Sure, I’d love to see Marshall on the Bears.  But tell me, exactly what in the hell do the Bears have left in trade value?  Next year’s #1 and 2 or 3?  Are we ever going to have picks in round 1-2 again?  Then again, with Jerry Angelo picking, maybe we would be better off if that happened.

And, to complete the trifecta, now Greg Olsen is rumbling that he wants a trade because Mike Martz’ offense does not require a TE with Olsen’s skills.  In my opinion, trading Olsen would be stupid because I don’t think anyone would give more than a 3rd rounder for him.  Angelo’s top picks have already failed from 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006, so let’s not give our 2007 first-rounder away.  Chances are after 2010 Angelo, Smith and Martz will be gone anyway, so why not keep him around?  Oh, wait, because Angelo, Smith and Martz are probably willing to throw away the future for the sake of their jobs in 2010.

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  1. Just read that Marshall has received a 1st round tender offer from Denver as a restricted FA. We don’t have a 1st round pick. Can future draft picks be used when signing restricted FA?

    Figured Pace would get cut, but please don’t tell me we are keeping Frank ‘the turnstile’ Omiyale at guard? He needs to go too.

  2. We cant sign Marshall outright, but we could trade for Marshall. I dont see that happening though.

  3. OH man Brandon Marshall is so great — Cutler would probably crap his pants if the Bears got him.

    As for Omiyale I’m willing to give him more time to develop.

  4. Pace was a overpaid piece of crap. Too bad we couldnt get some vaule out of him. Like a 3 rounder…. Well glad the bears finally realize how worthlees he was. Brandon marshall is a strech, if we keep giving our draft picks away were going to turn out like the bucs. Who traded the picks like trading cards… WE need our duraft picks. So we can acutally get a decent o-line men or fs , rolle is a option that i would like to see us pick up. If jerry wants to be the bears GM in 2012 he needs to make some drastic FA pick ups.

  5. Well everybody cannot complain abut the Bears owners being cheap. As a new fan from Denver I was worried that the Bears would not spend the money to surround Jay Cutler with enough talent to wim. They are getting warm. If they traded for Brandon Marshall, forget Jay, I would crap my pants!! The Bears have not a single receiver that could make any other club in the NFL ( as a receiver only). Despite the BS we have heard from Smith and MArtz to the contrary, Cutler NEEDS SOMEONE TO THROW TO! Marshall and Cutler were awesome together in Denver and would be again in Chicago. Let’s hope Marshall gets the interest from the Bears that Peppers was so impressed with. Man can he play!

  6. Marshall is out of our reach man. Unless u want 3rd round draft pick for him??/ yea? makes sense right? And no jerry is still a cheap ass. Just beacsue he makes one big deal , doesnt mean hes not a cheap ass. There plenty other players that could be helpful for our team like holt, Sharper, joey porter etc. The day the bears didnt resign berrian , jones , is the day jerry got the title “cheap ass”

  7. Just saying, before you label Jerry Angelo a “cheap ass”, and use Bernard Berrian as an example, let’s look at the numbers. Anyone who regularly visits this site should know that I like looking up stats to back up arguements. Berrian’s total cap salary hit for 2008 #3 overall amongst wr, his total yards were #24 in the league overall amongst wr. Berrian’s total cap salary hit for 2009 #16 overall amongst wr, his total yards were #63 amongs wr. Berrian didn’t warrant the money he was asking for, so we let him walk. Now Thomas Jones on the other hand had less to do with money and more to do with the fact that JA thought he had something with Benson. As it turns out, the only thing he had was a person who could divide a locker room and run for a hundred yards a game behind a line that a rookie(Bernard Scott) could run for a hundred yards in a game, and a person that couldn’t run for a hundred yards in a game with another team(Larry Johnson), all of a sudden can.

  8. Ok so without berrian how has our WR core faired???? Horrible.. Jay had 25int 2/4 of them have been WR not running routes. Jay could used a speedster like berrian.. Remember when he caught rex nfc championship pass??? As soon as berrian left are team WR core went to mush.. He was asking for hefty price but he was WORTH it. So was jones.That why i label Jerry has a cheapass. The only reason he singed chester, peppers was to save his hide until 2012.. Oh the bradon deall. comon now a 30year TE doesnt count.. Lets see how our young WR core does this season.. Year one wasnt so pleasent.

  9. Not worth it. You can remember wr running the wrong routes last year, but you can’t remember Berrian running wrong routes. He was the worst at running the wrong routes. Berrian gave Grossman 2/4 ints per year. Berrian=average NFL receiver with plus speed. What do you mean about a 30 year TE? I don’t know what that means.

  10. 30 year TE as in Brandom muahahna or hoverwever you spell his last name.. you know the back up back up TE from the chargers??? I guess he ran the wrong route when he caught the nfc championship ball right??? Berrian was great vertical WR and still is.. Oh well dewelling on the pass doesnt matter now. Lets acutally see if jerry will bring in a expericned WR. Torry holt, is one the best route runners in NFL histroy , i dont know why jerry wouldnt want to pick him up. He could defintely show our Young WR core how to run routes right. He would aslo make a viable no 1. WR.. Hester is not a possesion WR .. We should all know that..

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